General Discussion: FUK summer 2015 Six pack challenge = Ineff Challenge - Can you repeat his success

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27 Aug 2014 12:13
Hey CV, thought you should know.

I nearly made a dirty joke about your sister, but totally didn't.

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27 Aug 2014 12:14
GOMAD (six pints of milk a day) or die trying if you want to gain like a motherfucker. But if you have a propensity for gaining fat, half it or look elsewhere for cleaner sources.
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27 Aug 2014 12:24
There is a argument that milk boosts estrogen..not sure I believe research backs it…but its there none the less
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27 Aug 2014 15:29
thought that was just soya?
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27 Aug 2014 16:47
As Arnold said "I dont drink milk, milk is for babies" Laughing out loud

So much bad advice in here