Tech Help: GJ Section?

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13 Jan 2009 06:06
i wanna be a gj! but i don't have paypal!
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13 Jan 2009 06:15
tenner in the post - jims your uncle
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13 Jan 2009 06:26
sound like a plan! better to ask someone to pay it in for me.. cheers starsky!
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24 Jul 2009 11:52
paid for a GJ, code's still not coming up can someone help please?
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24 Jul 2009 11:53
Just be patient, sure Brad will update it soon. If not, your money is now our money. We will spend it on drugs.
saint nicholegs
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24 Jul 2009 11:54
your gj's not activated yet.
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30 Jul 2012 22:28
It's not allowing me to pay for the yearly membership on Paypal, I'm continually getting 'An error occurred during processing. Please try again.'

Any other way I can sign up again.

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30 Jul 2012 22:30
Just got a new sub through and also tested it myself - all working OK - if you still have problems, PM me.