Menswear: Last Purchase (PICS thread, your OWN picture, NO stock pictures)

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23 Jul 2014 11:45
generic_guy wrote:
EVERS wrote: correction - RL piss cheap at biscester for 10 yr - i.e never not been cheap Oops

It's always decently priced compared to full retail but prices drop massively in the clearance.
When I was there before the clearance it was still around £100 for jeans, £60+ for shirts etc
I sometimes wonder if it is only fukers and the odd reseller who ever buys the RRL stuff.
There is always a clearance in there - it's like freakin' never ending jumble sale - I agree there are some cracking deals to be had though. got a black label suit years ago for under 200 and a purple label chalk stripe for 250 that are still going strong and epic quality