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1 Oct 2014 15:21
but then thia pinmp what about all the uk high risk convictions that go to settle in spain cyprus etc you have to look at it both ways to be honest
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1 Oct 2014 15:24
I agree mate…thinking more serious sexual/anything on kids/serious violence things like that…you can't look at other countries…the one you live in is the one that should concern you…you should lose your right to leave your country if you commit a fucked up offence
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1 Oct 2014 16:27
Superprecise wrote: Aside from the fact that it's fucking disgusting, why would you bother killing a girl? What the fuck is the point? Crazy that these fuckheads aren't able to override these weird urges. I always try to remind myself that civilisation is a thin veneer and all that, and that everyone needs be understood, but I just don't get it.
Not that I have the mind of a Latvian mentalist but there's many theories that are possible; botched robbery or abduction, sexual abuse or rape that has "gone too far", paedophilic tendencies etc etc. Or am I missing your point?
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1 Oct 2014 16:53
I imagine botched robbery is pretty low down on the list. He was a nonce, plain and simple.
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1 Oct 2014 18:03
Just been confirmed it's the girl's body Sad
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1 Oct 2014 18:07
Latvian needs to start trading in protein shakes.
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posted 1 Oct 2014 23:17, edited 1 Oct 2014 23:17
Took the gatherers a month to find that poor girl when she was about three foot from where she was last seen, but they can find an henry of gear hidden in the tongue of a pair of old shoes in a five bedroom house. They also fucked up with that other girl in that cunts loft.
I reckon safest way to keep your gear unfound is kill some cunt you dont like and hide them on his body.

Being serious though, her family have been so signified during all this, and my thoughts are with them.