Menswear: Slouchy Beanie Hat

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2 May 2009 00:32
Sleuth wrote:
russ74 wrote: it's summer you knob

What all over the world? Don't think so you knob.

i would presume that asking on a primarily british forum that you where british and located somewhere in the uk! but if you are in fact in either the north or south poles or 3/4 of the way up everest then please forgive my ignorance and i would suggest you check you local stores as it's summer here so they generally aren't available.

saying that you could try a skiing shop or maybe topman!
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2 May 2009 09:17
Regardless of location it's not really the point of this fashion forum to say oh well you live in a mild country im going to insult you for asking for recommendations of hats is it you tool?

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2 May 2009 10:45
[edit] i've changed my mind on this, i didn't intend to insult you but this is the U.K.s premium fashion website and i have given you some valuable fashion advice basically every one on this forum apart from maybe poohat (no pun) would think you look a knob in a wooly hat here in the summer! and hopefully i may of made you think twice about your decision, stick around and learn abit ignore pohat though he dresses daft Eye-wink Laughing out loud