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21 Sep 2014 12:47
baddie wrote: is it the most expensive supreme release to date? at this price, i think it could be a failed collab, not many of the targeted audience can afford it.

Just like the Adam Kimmel Jumpsuit / Sheepskin Schott / Adam Kimmel Suit / Brooks Brothers Suit, the higher priced items are never produced in large amounts. That's why sometimes I feel Supreme does collaborations just to have it in their folder, a Brooks Brothers suit? They clearly weren't out to make money. That's what I feel like this will be, they'll be sold out in a second because most were kept for F&F/back stock. This is really just an exercise of Supremes reach I'd say, and again a cool collaboration to put in a book some day. They're literally picking off dream collaborations for any company left and right, and not many would turn em away at this point. Who else is pulling this kind of shit
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21 Sep 2014 13:39
Depends what you call limited. Remember Japan got 5 stores and before London store decent amount of retailers stocked supreme.

They would of made money on those collabs, how much much who knows. But thats the whole trick of it, to make it seem cooler if seems they not making p.

Supreme been doing collabs for donkeys.
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21 Sep 2014 13:40
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21 Sep 2014 15:28