Menswear: What Are You Wearing Today 2014

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31 Aug 2014 10:35
footmobile2000 wrote: Spring

To the Polo and Brooks Brothers outlets:

w)taps cover
slinky optics
Jensen All American long tall pocket tee
Jensen All American tee (no vis, under)
Masterpiece carpenter jeans
w)taps AT boots
goro's bangle
Jam Home Made skull ring
Rolex sub date
always good imo
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posted 31 Aug 2014 14:57, edited 31 Aug 2014 14:57
s4do wrote: Easy, you can see that they have weird shape plus look gay and skinny.

No you can't. Retard.

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31 Aug 2014 15:23
I think lanz is the proof tight jeans do nothing to reduce sperm count
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31 Aug 2014 16:41
Unfortunately true Sad
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31 Aug 2014 17:07
s4do wrote: Easy, you can see that they have weird shape plus look gay and skinny. That fit is a mess, its like pops paired super manly bruce springsteen inspired jacket and tee with a swag tumblr teen boy bottom. So either he should go full springsteen alike with some straight fit jeans and worn leather boots or full tumblr teen and put on a fucking obey hoodie instead of that jacket.

you are fucking stupid.
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31 Aug 2014 18:24

Omnigod (cheers Perlorian)
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31 Aug 2014 22:51
footmobile2000 wrote:
padawan wrote: you look ill.

Thanks man, you're illin too when your pants aren't too small.
Laughing out loud

Bit samey but I fucking love this coat.

70s Cons
RRL jeans
Gap shirt
APC coat
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31 Aug 2014 23:21
Usually like your fits but that is awful
Double D
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31 Aug 2014 23:46
If it's coat weather it ain't Hawaiian weather