Menswear: What 'Claire Rayners' Are You Wearing Or Feeling? (pics only)

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20 Aug 2014 21:48
ODB wrote:
candidate wrote: huaraches done i know but wouldn't mind coppin scream greens to bring them out next year once hype is dead. anyone know the deets for these?

end of this month size? / nike will have them
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20 Aug 2014 22:24
1st sept is the word on the scream greens
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20 Aug 2014 22:48
is it gonna be a mad queuing limited release kinda thing?
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20 Aug 2014 22:49
Anywhere still doing the all black Adidas
ZX Flux?
Noble Locks
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20 Aug 2014 23:12
candidate wrote: is it gonna be a mad queuing limited release kinda thing?
nah mayng. It will be a up at 8am and just check da stockists online and click away and feel ta cawp kinda tings.
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21 Aug 2014 10:01
My CEO is after getting some Nike Frees for her neices who have just moved to the UK from Eire and want to be 'cool on their first days at a new school.

They're ladies uk 4+7. Best places to look?
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21 Aug 2014 11:01

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21 Aug 2014 11:10
just picked up these