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27 Dec 2018 18:09
Nice one, thanks!
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27 Dec 2018 18:13
darko wrote: my nan list for 2019:
- do veganuary (and maybe beyond)
- get my 5k pb below 20 mins
- move in with my gf in the summer
- read a book every fortnight
- start mindfulness again

Anyone tempted to delete their social media accounts next year? Reading a book about it atm and it’s made me realise how much time I aimlessly piss away on it (no fuk)

I've deleted FB
Attempted to delete Twitter and Instagram, but always find my way back on there.
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posted 27 Dec 2018 18:41, edited 27 Dec 2018 18:41
I’ve got that Matt Haig book on my list
Mine are:
- Spend less on clothes
- Finish my professional qualification
- 3 gym sessions/runs per week
- Enjoy more days just me and my girlfriend chilling instead of booking up most of the year on gigs and stuff
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27 Dec 2018 18:48
- quit drinking
- read up on philosophy
- start playing an instrument again
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27 Dec 2018 18:54
The Return of Noble Locks
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27 Dec 2018 18:59
Surprised how many people are going down the buy less/no clothing route, given the core purpose of fuk!

It's actually what made me start this thread. I'm challenging myself to buy nothing (except books) for 2019. Will only buy to replace something that is broken/unusable. Backlash to fast spending/consumerism, and nod to minimalism. Irony is I sell clothes for a living.

We'll see how long it lasts…
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27 Dec 2018 19:24
Where do you work swift? Any chance to switch up on more durable stuff?
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27 Dec 2018 21:06
spitfiredealer wrote: I am thinking about saying no clothing purchases for the whole year. Dunno if I can though.

Bought 3 pairs of Wigwam socks this year and nowt else. Temptation doesn't go away, neither does your ability to justify stuff but have been throwing all spare money in a new house and compared to new kicks, house always wins. Going with the 'buy fewer, better things' for the house now so clothes going to take second place for a while. Does help the gear I've got is made to last and seems to get better with age, which helps.

Don't use fb but want to jack in insta next year, waste so much time on it and don't really know why I post on there. Nice one darko for the book link, just copped.

Get a half iron distance triathlon done before summer's out.
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posted 27 Dec 2018 21:15, edited 27 Dec 2018 21:15
swede wrote: headspace everyday for 15 mins. I did it for a month or two this year and rated it after a friend suggested it, but then sort of stopped in dec as the social calendar filled up..

I managed it for 3 straights months a couple of years ago and it had quite a profound effect on me, can really really recommend it. 10 minutes a day is not hard to make time for - the best time I found was in the morning right after getting up. Job done, then it's out the way. Doing it in the evening leaves too much opportunity for other stuff getting in the way.

Had a few life changes shortly after though which threw a spanner in the works. I'm looking to get back into it.

Tried cutting the booze for a while now too. Have gone from casual week night home/pub drinking to only drinking on social events at the weekend, trouble is I always end up binging. I'd love to be able to socialise with mates at a pub without smashing pints but can't seem to manage it. Anyone got any tips?

Facebook has been deaded for 3 years now, and I feel great because of it - no more time sink browsing through newsfeed for people you couldn't give a shit about. I do have a twitter for following personal interests but I'm realising that's all bollocks so going to delete my twitter before a week's hiking in the Highlands over New Year, feel that I should come back refreshed from that and be over any sort of psychological instinct to go on it again. We will see.

Top of my list for 2019 is getting back into stretching/mobility. Makes you feel amazing.

If anyone is wanting to get in on this, this is a great way of starting. Full body stretch in the morning.
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27 Dec 2018 21:26
Cool fuk monk squad
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27 Dec 2018 22:07
Sounds like the latest purchases thread is going to be wank next year!

Half tempted to try and buy fuck all for the year and manage with the 36 jackets I’ve alreay got
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27 Dec 2018 22:28
Re: mindfulness. What programs/apps are you guys using? I'd like to try.
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27 Dec 2018 22:49
Is this 'headspace' thing the same thing as just sitting down and doing fuck all (no telly/book/phone/etc); if it is I'd fall asleep within minutes. I regularly get home from work, take a shower, lie on the bed and fall asleep for an hour or more. Fucking Brilliant 'therapy'.

As for Facebook, fuck knows why ANYONE with even a hint of intelligence would use it - made for cunts.
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27 Dec 2018 22:49
Has anyone stuck at mindfulness and can describe what, if any, positive benefits it has had?

Couple apps I have are Buddify and Headspace.
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posted 27 Dec 2018 23:06, edited 27 Dec 2018 23:06
I initially thought it sounded lame but I was doing mindfulness earlier this year quite regularly (after being prescribed it for mh issues) and found it helpful for clearing my head and relaxing. Supposedly if you really stick with it it can profoundly change the way you view/frame the shit going on in your life

Although saying that I’m nearly always late to things anyway and fitting it in around work, travelling and staying at gf’s place sort of made me fall off the wagon with it.

You have to pay a subscription fee for the full version of headspace but there’s a decent basic version of it for free.

alternatively i had this book recommended to me - ‘Mindfulness, Finding peace in a frantic world’. You get a book, CD and there’s an accompanying free app that you can get to go with it as well (free on the App Store, just called ‘mindfulness’). The app has timed meditations that guide you through it. Even though it’s guided it can still be rly frustrating if you feel unable to relax and stop your mind from wandering, but the idea is to stick with it and go along with the instructions.

Book -

App - Mindfulness : Finding peace by Hachette UK (BP)

Also if you live in a city there’s probably local classes you can take or a Buddhist centre (like where I live in Norwich) that can do guided sessions.

hope that helps
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27 Dec 2018 23:26
Brad wrote: The Return of Noble Locks

He'd lose it completely
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27 Dec 2018 23:30
Thanks for the response. I have done quite a few guided sessions which I really enjoyed but unfortunately never stick to it at home. I'll try to do better next year as I'm keen to see if it really can have a positive effect on the way I think.
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27 Dec 2018 23:49
I’m doing no booze no meat jan. gonna try and do some of feb too but going skiing mid so might be hard.

This mindfulness stuff sounds great too but already sounds too hard to stay on top of
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28 Dec 2018 00:30
1. I never had facebook but 2019 I'm gonna get into it. Goal is 500 friends and 50,000 "likes" by 2020. Mark Zuckerburg is a cool guy. I never felt cool enough to use it before but I think I'm ready now.

2. Start smoking. Smoking is cool, I always wanted to smoke but never got around to it.

3. Buy more useless shit. I want to decorate my home with plastic ducks and decorative table shit. I also want at least 7 "on trend" pillows on my bed that I have to move off every night. Every year I have to replace them all with the new trend. Gotta keep up with the times..

4. Stop running. Seriously it's fucking hard. Why do I do it? Life is easier if you don't do hard shit. Make life less hard.

5. Slim down my look. Sometimes girls frown at the size of my pants and society thinks I'm uncool. The coolios with their beards, check shirts, tight burgundy pants and pointy shoes mock me constantly. I wish I was as cool as them. In 2019 I might be.. Cool
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posted 28 Dec 2018 00:32, edited 28 Dec 2018 00:32
joeyjojo wrote: This mindfulness stuff sounds great too but already sounds too hard to stay on top of

It's fucking so played. Hippies were into it a few years ago, now my Dad can't stop going on about it.

It's complete bullshit and the way we think is called being human. There's nothing wrong with you. Stop over thinking everything and buying into the self help industry's latest bullshit.