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26 Sep 2015 21:11
Epic choke
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26 Sep 2015 22:45
All the knobs in their England Rugby shirts will now disperse and disappear for a few days without a hint of Swing Low Sweet Chariot.
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27 Sep 2015 15:08
Second half is so much better. Was worried at the end of the first half.
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1 Nov 2015 10:53
Greatest ever world cup + AB the greatest ever team. wow
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1 Nov 2015 20:12
Despite living on the doorstep of Twickenham Stadium, I've never watched a rugby match.
Ive watched this world cup and thought it was brilliant. Makes you realise how overpaid footballers are and how whiny and bitchy they can be. Definitely prefer it to football now.
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1 Nov 2015 20:45
I don't follow Rugby but have started to get into it more and more, was reading today about the all blacks that are retiring from international rugby after the final. Some players to replace.
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1 Nov 2015 23:21
Good to hear - one of the big problems with rugby (union) is still has too much of a high concentration of poshos.

I grew up playing in a working class club and was noticeable that everyone who played at county dropped out of rugby around age of 18 (myself at 17)

Until union is dragged out of the private schools England will struggle to challenge the Southern Hemisphere teams (and adopt NZ kids training structures). New people getting into rugby because of things like the RWC will only help.

Oh, and the England League team are doing well
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4 Nov 2015 09:39
@CovOne - you mean some of the players will retire, not the entire team Smiling One such player is Dan Carter - this was his last world cup.
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7 Jul 2017 17:12
Can't believe this thread has died. Especially after a wonderful premiership season and the rise of England under Eddie Jones.

The final Lions test tomorrow is going to be an amazing game
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7 Jul 2017 18:15
This is only a contest because the all blacks played the last game with a player less for 80% of the game.
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7 Jul 2017 19:28
Just finished watching the second test and the lions played terribly considering the ABs were 13 men after the first 20 minutes, Lions bound to lose tomorrow.
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8 Jul 2017 09:38
what a game. what a series. Would be better if it was a win not a draw, but still!
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13 Oct 2019 11:37
Great game Japan v Scotland.
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13 Oct 2019 13:34
Game of the tournament.

Japan are wonderful.

Decent world cup so far