General Discussion: A Reason For Not Living In Scotland

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19 Sep 2014 05:27
Salmon and Jimmy Crankie can return to the pond
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19 Sep 2014 06:10
Brave performance
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19 Sep 2014 07:14
CovOne wrote: Brave performance
Laughing out loud

How many people who were "please stay with us scotland" are now going to be "sit down you muggy cunts" today.

I keep seeing stuff about poverty and foobanks. Isn't that just the north in general? Rochdale is probably shitter than scotland.
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19 Sep 2014 07:26
CovOne wrote: Brave performance

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19 Sep 2014 08:36
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19 Sep 2014 08:43
Cov Laughing out loud
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19 Sep 2014 08:55
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19 Sep 2014 09:18
Mrtyn wrote: Is that Mil on BBC2?

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19 Sep 2014 09:24
The flag stays intact, that's all I cared about.
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19 Sep 2014 09:38
55-45 ain't really that decisive. There's gonna be a lot of pissed off people up north. Ironic though than Salmond and his bellend mates always bemoan Londoncentric politics and yet if the 'yes' had prevailed it would have largely been down to Glasgow and only Glasgow.

Cameron has ballsed up offering this DevoMax with continued subsidies - the English aren't having it!
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posted 19 Sep 2014 09:53, edited 19 Sep 2014 09:53
DuffMan wrote:
EssexBoyII wrote: Man, I would love it if we could just cut out London, Essex etc and live in a little paradise without anyone else. We'd be quids in without supporting, not necessarily Scotland but all the rest of the English deadwood.

paradise with essex in it Laughing out loud

surrey over essexx anyday
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19 Sep 2014 10:31
ShaneB wrote: Cameron has ballsed up offering this DevoMax with continued subsidies - the English aren't having it!
More to the point his own party aren't having it.

I could live with it if MSPs stop being able to vote in Westminster.
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19 Sep 2014 14:19
Andy, Byte and co can order Supreme etc with customs Cool
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posted 19 Sep 2014 15:23, edited 19 Sep 2014 15:23
Salmond resigning is brilliant

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19 Sep 2014 15:43
Oh thank christ, maybe the SNP can become a decent opposition party in light of this and not a one policy cuntwagon.
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19 Sep 2014 17:37
Carl Laughing out loud
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9 Oct 2014 17:20
Couldnt find another Scotland thread, I'm working in Livingston over the weekend,is there anything to do in the evening?
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9 Oct 2014 17:34
No evening tips, but deffo worth a visit to the designer outlet.
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9 Oct 2014 17:35
Club Earth. Eye-wink
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9 Oct 2014 17:39
If you skateboard, yes.

If not, you're equidistant between Edinburgh and Glasgow