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7 Aug 2018 11:52
Can't the 'rebound' be tapered (but without drinking more the next day). Don't fancy diazepam.
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posted 7 Aug 2018 11:59, edited 7 Aug 2018 11:59
Crackajack wrote: Can't the 'rebound' be tapered (but without drinking more the next day). Don't fancy diazepam.

Sachdeva et al. 2015 wrote: Benzodiazepines have the largest and the best evidence base in the treatment of alcohol withdrawal, and are considered the gold standard.

ref -
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posted 7 Aug 2018 12:07, edited 7 Aug 2018 12:07
You quickly develop a tolerance to benzo's so be careful, they are great and do the job but now i could munch 10mg and no even know.

I did experiment with OTC supplements around GABA effects more to improve mood - I found mild benefits but the supplements were the size of AA batteries and gave me acid reflux so got pissed off quick and then lost the energy to invest the time in trying other shit - there was a lot to go at
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7 Aug 2018 12:29
I have no idea what this thread is talking about now Laughing out loud

After drinking I sleep as much as possible. Throw up if it was a big sesh, then go hard at doing some sport to up my serotonin levels and feel better about the previous nights over-indulgence. The key is keeping active every day as you will face the hangover much better.
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7 Aug 2018 12:42
Diazepam is defo the best to knock you out quickly, but if you want something softer and OTC just get a drowsy anti-histamine that has promethazine e.g.

Work great for me, but can take up to 2-3hrs to kick in sometimes. Should only really need to take 1 of what I linked above. You can take 2 and they put you in deep, but beware if you stay up (fight sleep) whilst they're kicking in or wake up during it you can have some trippy moments.

As with vals, shouldn't use everyday as it's bad for you + will build up a tolerance.
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7 Aug 2018 14:43
jesus you lot re: diazepam, you're not trying to out-gun Sniper Wolf just have some water and a banana before you go to bed Laughing out loud
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posted 7 Aug 2018 14:47, edited 7 Aug 2018 14:47
Also with the booze - my dad has for the last thirty years done 'AFDs', a target of a certain number of alcohol free days a year. Seems to work for him.

But then again he was a PE teacher, and also has a folder with records going back of every single timed run he's done in that time too Laughing out loud
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7 Aug 2018 16:08
You lot need to man up. Jeez
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7 Aug 2018 20:19
Pregabalin. Best hangover cure ever. Feel like a dream but it’s even more addictive than Valium.
Really great for come downs.
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7 Aug 2018 20:40
morgan wrote:
You're so weak. I'm your age but I'm still built like a boxer/marathon runner and drink whenever I want, usually a 6 pack a night. I eat SPAM and bread as my main diet. You're a fucking pussy.

You’re a skinny fucking runt and I’d kick the living shit outta you even when I’m hungover.
You may be the biggest cunt I’ve ever come across in life and that’s saying something.
I’m quite sure you get a good kicking every other weekend if you act like this in the real world.
I think it’s just an internet persona you have trying to act the tough guy when in reality you stay home drinking warm Fosters and playing with your little soldiers alone.
Now fuck off and don’t come back. You alone ruin this forum for me.

You're so weak. You probably take anti depressants and eat salads and are still fat you sack of shit.
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7 Aug 2018 20:46
I struggle to stop drinking if I’m on a sesh but I have learnt to always eat shitloads of carbs and swerve shots. This stops the blackouts which is the main driver of the paranoia
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8 Aug 2018 09:56
EssexBoyII wrote: but I have learnt to always eat shitloads of carbs
explains a lot
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8 Aug 2018 11:44
Never experienced blackouts drinking. Is that like the nankid at school who always had nosebleeds?
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8 Aug 2018 15:02
Nankid to have never blacked out imo
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8 Aug 2018 15:09
deuce wrote:
EssexBoyII wrote: but I have learnt to always eat shitloads of carbs
explains a lot

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8 Aug 2018 15:54
Rez wrote: Nankid to have never blacked out imo

Agree. If you’ve never woken up thinking “What the fuck did I do last night?” You’ve never had a real session.
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8 Aug 2018 16:09
It's like the little gimp at work who calls me a lightweight because I get pissed on nights out but in reality he has probably nursed 3 gin and tonics all night.

I need to be more like that little cunt tbh.
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8 Aug 2018 19:08
a little in the morning, top up at lunch then wade through the stuff come evening.

Garlic butter pizza, kebab meat and a handful of milk thistle. Steady bats.
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posted 8 Aug 2018 19:44, edited 8 Aug 2018 19:44
Yeah it's abit nan to not have had a 'What the fuck happened last night?' situation.

If you have Google maps,and allow location - it's always interesting to look at your timeline to see how the course of the night went.
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9 Aug 2018 07:41
even more nan is not being able to handle your drink imo. constantly being so pissed after a couple of drinks you just end up being a liability