Menswear: Alterations in London

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23 Apr 2017 09:37
TheConductor wrote:
sciphiyem wrote: anywhere in shoreditch that can put patches or fix a hole in a thickish aran wool sweater?
Came across this site yesterday Think I saw some knitwear on there.

I've never used them before, but yesterday I emailed to see about them fixing a pair of jeans. Knee blowouts.

thx for this - will def get in touch, looks like cool work
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30 May 2017 12:29
Does anyone know anyone / where in London I could get some bespoke pieces made, or tailoring patterns created or similar?

I've got a pair of Uniqlo trousers that I love. The fit and the details are really nice, but they were £9 in the sale and I've worn them to death. Uniqlo have stopped making them so I want to get some made based off of the ones I already own.

Any ideas?

I bet a few of you know some good seamstresses.