Menswear: Alterations in London

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24 Sep 2018 14:21
Looking for above as well. Re tailoring near Barbican is decent vut seems to be £50 for jacket sleeve from shoulder and he is currently on holiday. Anywhere else in East or City worth a go?
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24 Sep 2018 15:57
Rez wrote:
jeg wrote:
willesdengreen wrote: This place off Caledonian Road is good and very reasonably priced:

they as good or better than the guys at covent garden? interested as this is much nearer for me

Can't recommend Perfect Stitch enough, these guys are great.

Must 2nd the above - done a great job for me on a few items (nearest tube Highbury and Islington or Cale Road)
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24 Sep 2018 18:03
^bit far for me.

Should note that London fashion workrooms seems to be listed as closed, they were very good. Perhaps trade only now?
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23 Nov 2018 13:40
Just got of the phone to Acne about reapiring some jeans and the SA said they send all of their stuff to Design & Alter Battersea. Looks pricey but they seem to have a good reputation. Looks like they do Chain Stitching as well.
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11 Mar 2019 13:50
Anyone got a price list or any kind of indication of prices for perfect stitch? I've got a whole bag of clothes that need various things and I was going to take it all there, I've emailed them and they haven't replied, and I don't want to just turn up with no idea.
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11 Jun 2019 13:14
Has anyone ever had sleeves of a sweatshirt shortened? And is it possible?

Bought a sweatshirt from America so can’t send back but sleeves are about 5 inches too long Laughing out loud
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11 Jun 2019 14:22
give snaye a pm, he's had most of his clothes shortened in one way or another