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posted 15 Jul 2019 17:24, edited 15 Jul 2019 17:24
carl lewis wrote: Fed and Williams need to call it a day now Cool

They are going to be playing into their late 40s just to stop anyone thinking about taking more Grand Slams than them.

Successful Wimbledon for the GOAT. Stopped Mr. One Surface Wonder getting just 1 away and Djok still 4 away. Ubercool
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15 Jul 2019 17:58
How was it successful ? He lost to Djokovic !!!!!!!
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15 Jul 2019 18:09
At 37 years of age he did well to stop one of them. Turns 38 next month !!!!!!
carl lewis
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15 Jul 2019 18:44
People are starting to remember them from their losses now.
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15 Jul 2019 18:44
Carl that’s like saying to Messi hang up the boots now !
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15 Jul 2019 18:51
I'm just surprised that the GOAT is still able to compete at such a high level. Took a guy almost 6 years his junior the full distance yesterday.
Brian Damage
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15 Jul 2019 22:59
Even if fed won and got to 21, I couldn't see him add more after that. Nadal will pick up French every year for a few years and novak a couple each year for the next few years if they stay healthy, both surpassing 21 majors when all is done.