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26 Feb 2006 20:32
bought one recently and was thinking bout getting a docking station for it. anyway, just bought THIS of ebay and was wondering if it will work with my vaio laptop and if so how? do i need a wireless dongle or summit??
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26 Feb 2006 20:42
i would say it will come with a thing to stick into your usb slot and it will work with that. if it doesnt it might be infa-red, but i doubt it and it wouldnt work too well.
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26 Feb 2006 23:46
Hello there, these types of wireless keyboards have a part which plugs into the PC, typically one cable into the keyboard socket and one into the mouse socket (or into a USB port if there is no keyboard socket). These cables feed to a receiving box that will detect the signals from the mouse and keyboard.

The mouse and keyboard use batteries that seem to go flat quite fast, so invest in some rechargeables. Also read up on how to synchronise with the receiving box as wireless keyboards/mice can often lose their connection. It normally involves pressing a button on the receiver then the synch buttons on the keyboard and mouse.

Given that the kayboard is Vaio branded there should be no problems.


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21 Nov 2007 09:19
Some thread recycling here.

Anyone know where I can get a Sony Vaio repaired without paying through the snoz? ta
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21 Nov 2007 09:44
Jesus fucking christ, Sony are complete cunts when it comes to repairing laptops.

Anyway 28 complaints goto forums, there's a decent company there who fixed my lappy for £80 instead of the £295 Sony was asking.