Random Fashion Questions: Anyone got Superfuture Paris guide PDF?

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14 Oct 2011 15:07
can someone send me the paris one please Smiling
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14 Oct 2011 20:48
im very interested in the paris one too
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18 Oct 2011 13:45
Apologies for digging this up again - Could some one hook me up with a Paris guide?
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25 Oct 2011 18:15
Anyone got london & or NY? Fancy a look.
Ta. Eye-wink
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25 Oct 2011 23:25
I could really do with the NY guide too, cheers! Eye-wink
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26 Oct 2011 11:14
Paris guide plzzzzz
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26 Oct 2011 13:50
would really like the paris guide too plz =D
first post btw =]
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3 Nov 2011 09:53
does someone have a more recent paris guide for me? i only have one from december 07… going to paris over new year on my honeymoon
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4 Nov 2011 19:07
could someone kindly send me the Paris guide? Off there next week for the first time. cheers!
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5 Nov 2011 21:01
if anyone has the pdf's for either london or paris it would be much appreciated, I'm doing a project on cultural differences thought it might be worth a read..

cant afford to buy both mind!
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5 Nov 2011 23:29
me too doing a world tour so all of 'em, hit me up.
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17 Dec 2011 15:50
Anyone willing to send me the paris and berlin guides?
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17 Dec 2011 19:25
Looking for Paris too if its going Smiling
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28 Dec 2011 04:03
still looking for the tokyo superguide. much thanks.
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1 Jan 2012 21:02
Has anyone got the berlin superguide? Willing to trade both the new york and paris guides for it.
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21 Jan 2012 20:08
just got the latest London guide if anyone still wants it?
after recent Paris and New York ones if anyone has them
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9 Feb 2012 21:02
I have Paris 2009; would love any of the others you have just PM me and I'll send it through. Cheers
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11 Feb 2012 03:45
I've got the Tokyo guide if anyone wants it. I prolly should give it to the people blessed with Jimmy. Give us a shout if you want it
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1 Mar 2012 03:21
Hey, I would be interested in the Paris and the NYC superguide if anyone would be kind enough to send it to me Smiling
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1 Mar 2012 07:56
Does anyone have Tokyo? Going in 2 weeks and it would be a great help