Random Fashion Questions: Anyone got Superfuture Paris guide PDF?

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1 Mar 2012 13:41
not that you deserve it for having failed to read 2 posts above yours but pm me your deets and i'll sort you out tonight poo
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1 Mar 2012 16:28
cruk and max check your emails, its been sent along

Edit: doomedyouth sent your way
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1 Mar 2012 16:45
Got a few of these knocking around; Paris, Tokyo, London and new York I think, will upload them somewhere when I get home if anyone is interested.
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1 Mar 2012 16:46
Also if anyone's got Berlin, talk to me.
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1 Mar 2012 16:58
Thanks I'll be willing to do a couple pick ups depending on space left in my case But I'm out there for a month and I'll make a thread while I'm there

Edit: cheers tical
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2 Mar 2012 11:54
can anyone hook me up with the paris guide? new york too if you've got it Smiling

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2 Mar 2012 13:53
Would appreciate the London guide, anyone got it? Thanks
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7 Mar 2012 20:00
Hello! Thanks for the post! Any chance i can get a copy of the Paris guide emailed to me? bydialogue@gmail.com thank you!!
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8 Mar 2012 19:45
im looking for superguide tokyo and paris
can anyone email it to me

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8 Mar 2012 20:37
Would appreciate the Berlin one if anyone has it.
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13 Mar 2012 03:13
hey, would love the New York one if anyone has it knocking about… davidbason@hotmail.com
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1 May 2012 08:42
Does anyone have the Shanghai one (or any others)? I would really appreciate it!
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4 May 2012 18:21
would be grateful if someone could email me tokyo & NY guides to rbn.zen@gmail.com

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24 May 2012 13:10
Has anyone got LA guide please?
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4 Jul 2012 16:08
anyone got an updated version of Paris guide please (2012)?
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4 Jul 2012 16:14
got the paris and nyc, anyone who wants it email me (GJ only)
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11 Jul 2012 15:14
can you send me the Paris guide, please and thanks?
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21 Aug 2012 16:14
I'd love the Paris one as well Smiling

Thanks guys, great thread.
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24 Aug 2012 17:11
i bought the tokyo one and it was amazing, let me knwo if anyone need it.
Anyone have the Paris Berlin and NYC? i'm traveling to Europe next month. Will be greatly appreciated!

email: dr69on@gmail.com
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29 Aug 2012 08:19
Because this is just getting stupid, anyone with updated sufu guides (2012) could you drop me a pm, i'll upload it as a zip file as a collection on dropbox or summat

I currently have old copies of ny, tokyo and paris but if we're gonna do it may as well be the latest ones