Random Fashion Questions: Anyone got Superfuture Paris guide PDF?

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23 Mar 2013 09:25
I would appreciate it if someone could pass on the HK/Shanghai/Bangkok guides, all nearby cities that ill most likely travel to these couple months
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23 Mar 2013 09:28
funny how many people come here because of this! actually this is how i found this forum too Laughing out loud
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27 Mar 2013 14:39
Bump. Does anyone have the latest Paris guide that they can PM me pls?
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27 Mar 2013 17:54
Have the London guide, will trade for Berlin & Paris.
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28 Mar 2013 07:44
Can anyone help? Going tonight so would really appreciate. Thanks!
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28 Mar 2013 08:22
Got it thanks
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31 Mar 2013 04:50
Could anyone pm me the latest London one? Much appreciated! Smiling
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31 Mar 2013 09:49
Hey guys
Still after the Paris guide please. I have copies of the Tokyo and new York guides I could offer to swap too.
Leaving soon too so would really appreciate it
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7 Apr 2013 09:07
Anyone still has the Paris superguide? Please PM me! Going there in a month with my girl. Smiling I'd appreciate it.
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9 Apr 2013 15:21

i have a nyc 2011 one if anyone wants.

i am looking for a paris one. please email or pm me. thank you
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22 Apr 2013 11:37
Anyone got the Tokyo one that they could help me out with please? PM if you can. Thanks.
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24 Apr 2013 15:06
I'm looking for Berlin guide, anyone can send me please?Thanks!
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21 May 2013 01:35
If anyone could share the London and Berlin guides I'd be super grateful. Thanks!
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27 May 2013 00:59
Could really use the London guide. Thanks in advance to anyone willing to help.
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9 Jun 2013 20:33
Going to Paris in a couple of days. If someone could be so kind and email me the Paris guide it would be much appreciated! PM me if possible, cheers!
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2 Jul 2013 01:38
I'm looking to Sydney guide if anyone haas please send it to me.
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10 Jul 2013 18:06
If someone could PM me the Paris guide, I'd be very grateful. Thanks!
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17 Jul 2013 14:24
Jimmy HillGJ's ONLY.Jimmy Hill

PM if you want the guide.
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5 Aug 2013 21:18
after berlin please

will trade tokyo and london for it
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11 Aug 2013 11:47
Anyone got the Paris guide?