Menswear: APC Denim Thread

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24 Sep 2012 23:06
apc only do small collections innit and they dont put all the sizes out
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24 Sep 2012 23:15
Usually find their stock levels to be pretty good along with the customer service. Did you ask for more sizes/something you didn't see on the rails?
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24 Sep 2012 23:16
aitch wrote: Usually find their stock levels to be pretty good along with the customer service. Did you ask for more sizes/something you didn't see on the rails?
asked the brown haired bitch in there and she said something about all they have is what's there and went upstairs. blonde one upstairs though would smash etc
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26 Sep 2012 10:21
meh, wanted to order my PS in black denim (with selvedge) next week and it sold out on cultizm and tbs as well in the last days (need 29).

i was happy to have a 10% voucher for cultizm or a 15% discount for tbs…pretty frustrating. will go for a RAW 29 instead, i own mine in 28 but i don't like the area knee downwards, could be a little bit more relaxed. think the waist then will need a belt but that's ok. sized down 2 on the 28 and worked out pretty good Smiling
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26 Sep 2012 18:38
after some tagged size 32" NS if anyone wants rid.
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1 Oct 2012 21:18
Just received my New Standards from MW. Material is wayyy off the quality it was and is now made in China!? When did that happen?
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1 Oct 2012 21:28
i am confused. i own a 28 RAW (made in macau, bought last year) and a friend bought one this year i think and it is also made in china.

mine is pretty tight, ok but tight (only in the knee downwards area, thigh and waist is good). that's why i ordered a 29 now. i tried his 28 and it did not stretch that much in the waist as mine but his legs are less tight than mine which is pretty confusing his one is in a RAW status and mine is worn over a year.

i hope the 29 won't be too wide for me. @mod the black selvedge denim is made in japan and the normal RAW is now made in china.

i don't think that is bad, atleast the RAW of my buddy is not worse than mine quality wise. they are still great Smiling
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1 Oct 2012 21:30
made in macau (been made there for years) and made in china is the same thing essentially.
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1 Oct 2012 21:34
On Zoom's pair he said they faded much faster than his previous APC's, though he didn't mention where the denim was made.
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1 Oct 2012 21:38
mine did not fade that much when i wore them over 1 year. guess the chinese ones fade faster Cool

if the 29 fits that i will receive the next days and they are made in china i will test that out!
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1 Oct 2012 22:02
after some battered PS in a waist 27"-28" if anyone is shifting a pair.
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1 Oct 2012 22:11
Ive got a 30 waist in nudies and edwins want a pair of petite standard what size do you think ill need? Both nudies and edwins are alittle tight now. Any help appreciated.
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1 Oct 2012 22:14
29, size down one. if you would be on the smaller side you could go for 28 but i am usually 30" (wear 28 like mentioned) as well in edwin for e.g.
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1 Oct 2012 23:21
hey man,

i got some one year old ps in a 29 waist (both in indigo and black) that i'll be selling if you're interested.
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8 Oct 2012 16:40
I know that I should size down, but by how many. I'm 33 in Uniqlo jeans (skinny fit), what size should I buy some petit standards in?

I was thinking 32.
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8 Oct 2012 16:57
Don't size down to a 28 if you're a 30 in Edwins Laughing out loud
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8 Oct 2012 17:04
i tried on ed55 in a washed version 30 (the 30 raw was too wide and big everywhere) and they were everywhere like the PS in 28 Eye-wink

and tried the 29 apc as well, posted in the purchase thread (they are now classifieds here)! they are also too wide like the raw 30 from edwin!
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8 Oct 2012 21:36
Dover Street one had shit loads of stock probably cos it's easy to miss walking by.
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9 Oct 2012 10:36
sj99 wrote: thigh area stretches less though.
went to apc store today near regent street and it's fucking bollocks. hardly any stuff, maybe like 3 pairs in each of the cuts… general clothes were maybe 2 rails worth. why's it so shit anyone know?

just seen this and went round about the same time. literally fuck all stock, properly disappointed… not just on cut n sew either - wanted to try on some of the new denim cut they do (petit new standards?) and they only had 1 pair left in a 29.. the shoreditch store is even worse though. absolutely fuck all. french girls in the shoreditch store were hot though
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10 Oct 2012 03:21
had a look and feel for the petit new standards today. the denim used is definitely not the same as the other models.