Menswear: APC Spring/Summer 09

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8 Jan 2009 10:23
Varsity is nice but I feel it may end up being overpriced and a tad boxy. Its hard to tell from the pic as it looks nice but APC has this tendency to have extra roomy arms and body on bomber style jackets.

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8 Jan 2009 10:31
nah lukeatme it wasnt that one. was leather I think and had no mad logo's.
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8 Jan 2009 10:32
anyone got a link to see the varsity ? photobucket banned at work cheers
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8 Jan 2009 10:34
imageshack work?

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8 Jan 2009 10:35
guffer wrote: APC is always very plain though. that is their look.
Yes I know that.
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8 Jan 2009 10:37
GameOver wrote: imageshack work?

cheers pal also blocked ,flickr works i think
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8 Jan 2009 11:47
shorts are killer…

anyone know anyone stocking this yet… must have shorts!
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8 Jan 2009 17:50
Navy boat shoes look really nice.

Just seen aload of the K Way x APC jackets in Urban Outfitters really nice especially for the price
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8 Jan 2009 18:18
only thing i like the look of is the shorts
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9 Jan 2009 00:19
Nike's look a lot like blazer lo's but blazer lo's look so much better.
varsity is cool!
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9 Jan 2009 01:05
Yeah the shorts are cool, I'll be another one getting the varsity. When does this stuff hit the online store? sometime next month?
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9 Jan 2009 11:14
I have to say I'm a bit confused why APC is flavour of the month on here, it all looks pretty ordinary to me.
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9 Jan 2009 11:23
But that is the point, it is pretty well made and modern cut wardrobe staples for a reasonable price(although that is seemingly changing).

Edit - like a "high" end Uniqlo
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9 Jan 2009 11:41

Dull Dull Dull darling
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9 Jan 2009 11:42
needs more fur and plaid Eye-wink
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9 Jan 2009 11:43
Doesnt everybody Smiling
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9 Jan 2009 14:48
the varsity jacket does look nice, regretting shelling out 500 odd on the visvim one now.
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9 Jan 2009 15:06
dont see the appeal for that at all, looks really gawky and that model doesnt help, the dark suit getup looks pretty nice though.
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9 Jan 2009 15:14
Been wanting a varsity for ages, and after R posted that white cashmere ralph lauren one in yay/nay which i loved, it made me want one even more, will definately pick the APC one up as long as it fits snug, because every other APC jacket i've tried on has been fairly big
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9 Jan 2009 15:22
the boat shoes with white tread are well nice