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24 Jun 2013 12:54
Really love the artwork & process that goes into each record released by FireCracker
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25 Jun 2013 19:30
i liked the swimming pool
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26 Jun 2013 17:33
Well that didn't last long

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27 Jun 2013 03:39
Guan kgs
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28 Jun 2013 03:43
What's the best thing to be storing my prints in? I don't have space to hang them all, any advice?
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28 Jun 2013 06:24
Hi mate,
You need an archival portfolio with acid free inserts if you want long term storage with no colour fade.
I will hit you up a PM with some links
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28 Jun 2013 15:40
picked up a few new photography books recently

both of the Rinko Kawauchi ones are on vimeo if anyone is interested: Illuminance / Ametsuchi

there are some series from the others on the photographers own sites: David Maisel / Sonja Braas

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17 Nov 2013 07:41
Just bought one of these limited edition McQueen x Damien Hirst scarves for the missus as an early xmas press which we plan to frame. It's 4.5ft x 4.5ft so it's going to cost more to frame than the actual print itself, stupidly didn't think of that at the time Roll Eyes Should look pretty awesome on the wall though.

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2 Dec 2013 18:15
been a while since POW had a show, so may interest some people

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2 Dec 2013 18:35
Thanks for this. Shok-1 is a legend.
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7 Mar 2014 16:59
meteo france headline image today

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7 Mar 2014 17:35
Thought I would post this competition here as I think a lot of you will be interested -

It's a competition on AnOther Magazine to win £1000 to spend at the designer online fashion retailer;_campaign=2bfb36b4f4-Mailchimp_Fashioninleaves_2013&utm;_medium=email&utm;_term=0_3424f8e627-2bfb36b4f4-

All you have to do is enter your e-mail at the bottom of the page. Good luck! Smiling
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7 Mar 2014 18:02
Did you get round to framing that Tiger?
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3 Apr 2014 11:27
looking to possibly commission the spray painting of a shipping container to advertise a conference. pref in e. london borough and pref part of a community project. there may be tie in's for further sponsorship.

any ideas pls?
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3 Apr 2014 12:37
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3 Apr 2014 12:55
best place to get bauhaus prints A1 size
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3 Apr 2014 12:56
Jordan Laughing out loud
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3 Apr 2014 13:00
blackham wrote: best place to get bauhaus prints A1 size
fuck off, im making jokes
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3 Apr 2014 13:36
Might be of interest to some of you if you're northwest based

picked up a couple of prints whilst i was there
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3 Apr 2014 13:36
knob Laughing out loud