Random Fashion Questions: ASOS back online

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8 May 2010 12:54
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13 Jun 2010 21:47
reading an article in todays sunday times business bit about the chief exec of asos. he's expecting 60% growth this year Eek and is 2nd in net sales in the uk, next os 1st and new look 3rd

he's also going to put a classifieds section up on asos for people to flog their gear
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13 Jun 2010 21:54
asos are absoloute quality, best customer service around. good luck to them.
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19 Jul 2010 14:59
Asos delivery etc is really good these days right? Buying something for next day delivery and need it to come next day without fail or I'm a bit fucked.
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19 Jul 2010 15:03
Yeah they're bang on.
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19 Jul 2010 15:04
It's good. I ordered friday at 7pm and paid for saturday delivery, got it next day before 1pm.
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19 Jul 2010 15:29
Cheers chaps
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20 Jul 2010 15:21
Great delivery (even emailed a one hour time slot and delivered right bang in the middle of the time slot) but they sent the wrong fucking shoes in the right box, FFS Cry
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20 Jul 2010 15:41
what shoes did they send?
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20 Jul 2010 15:48
Laughing out loud reminds me when my brother ordered some shitty ASOS shoes and got some April jeans.
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20 Jul 2010 16:07
CovOne wrote: what shoes did they send?

More expensive but less nice ones. They're a present for someone that I need before Thursday as well fml

Sent me out an immediate replacement which will come "by tomorrow" whether that means today or tomorrow I'm not sure, got to say their customer service is pretty decent, better arrive correctly though.
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20 Jul 2010 16:21
I ordered a pair of opening ceremony loafers a few years back and recieved a superdry hoody instead Sad

They sold out of the loafers before i got a pair sent to me Sad

They did give me £25 credit mind
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22 Jul 2010 19:33
Has anyone tried to post on the ASOS forums? I put up a question asking if the forum was autonomous as it reads like the Chinese Government are in charge of the content. Every post is like "ASOS is amazing", "wow this is so good etc" it's bullshit!

The Marketing Director (ASOSJames) replied saying "sorry you feel that way blah blah blah" and now it won't let me post a reply at all. I'm banned!

Read these posts:


They are f***ing rediculous
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22 Jul 2010 19:41
Are you MCMC? If so you have numerous double posts on there.
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3 Jan 2013 17:14
how long do asos refunds take? I know its a busy period..
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12 Jan 2013 10:15
Fucking ages based on the last thing I sent back. Sent it on the 31st December, they received it yesterday. And now 5-10 working days for the refund.
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2 Apr 2021 05:22
just got an email from ASOS and didnt realise they had been producing garms with the crooked tongues (rip) moniker. They always been doing this?