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7 Feb 2020 22:33
padawan wrote:
MLI wrote:
padawan wrote: Kit looks great MIL but IEM's and Headphone amps to listen to J-pop from the 90's ?
all a bit "HARIO to drink nescafe"….

Laughing out loud

Listen fucktard, you haven't listened to music unless you've heard the GOOOOD kayokyoku this way

honestly not beefin…..post some GOOOOD kayokyoku, I am interested

Start with Matsutoya Yumi
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7 Feb 2020 22:36
YLAup wrote: Looking for some old style standard earphones, not apple and preferably black. Can anyone recommend any? I find the ones that go into your ear canal too invasive and uncomfortable and prefer the type the sort that used to come with minidisc/walkmans.

There's a small selection on Amazon, but the reviews are a bit hit and miss. Cheers.

I think you should just buy an old walkman with deadstock earphones included. Plenty on YJP. Don't buy a remote control model or the cable will be too short and you'll need an an extender cable too.
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15 Feb 2020 03:48
grabbed a pair of edifier s100db bookshelf for the workshop. for once the critics are all right as they gave these blinding reviews that they deserve.