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8 Jul 2015 16:25
Get the diamonds
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26 May 2017 16:27
There are some bargains to be had here if anyone's in the market for anything:

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24 Jun 2017 09:11
anyone from here uses some of the b&o play series?
Just been to the store and tried the A6, really tempted but not sure if i want to spend as much…
want to use it mainly via airplay and some ipad for the living room.
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24 Jun 2017 11:57
seenmy wrote: If there is another thread for this,my apologies.

I am an audio noob, wanted to get some advice on options when buying vintage speakers,what i need to also get to link them to my tv/laptop etc, roughly how easy it is to do.

any experts on here?

I'd get your parents to buy you a McIntosh system & JBL speakers.

American, no bullshit classics.

Personally I'm partial to old Sony ES stuff but I don't want your parents money to distort the market.

Also seriously, McIntosh and JBL are very very good.
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24 Jun 2017 16:36
Can anyone comment on the quality of JBL Go portable speakers? Need something for a two week hotel room.
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24 Jun 2017 19:19

I got this a couple of months ago, looked at loads including the JBL ones but really glad I went for the anker. 24 hour battery is great. Sound is very clear at max volume as well. Can easily fill a big room
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26 Jun 2017 12:23
JBL Charge 2 or 3 worth a look, quality sound way better than what you'd expect for something that size. Got both on hols at the moment.

Can get a refurb Charge 3 direct from JBL through topcashback for just over half rrp.

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29 Jun 2017 11:44
YLAup wrote: Can anyone comment on the quality of JBL Go portable speakers? Need something for a two week hotel room.

I've had one for a coupla years that I just chuck in a bag when I go away - pretty much bomb proof and good value for just over a score.
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18 Oct 2017 10:17
anyone got a sonos/alexa code they dont want?
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14 Jun 2018 17:37
Been put in charge of sorting the music out for my mums 60th, it’s an outdoor/gazebo type affair and I need a speaker that’s going to do the job. I’ve got a couple of sonos speakers which would probably be fine but the WiFi won’t reach to where we will be.

Is something like this going to be the best bet and just plug my phone in or am I overlooking something else obvious that will at least get used more than once? Looking to spend £200-250 tops really

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14 Jun 2018 17:48
How big is the space?

Might be worth hiring something decent.
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14 Jun 2018 18:12
Depending on what Sonos you've got, buy a few long ethernet cables, connect one speaker to router and run them all on SonosNet. As long as one speaker's cabled to the router, the other speakers will connect to the cabled one and create their own network.
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14 Jun 2018 19:32
Well it’s gonna be in the garden and it’s a fairly big space, it’s only a 60th so it’s mainly going to be background noise but don’t want it to be too quiet we need to turn it up a bit.

Running a wire for the sonos isn’t really feasible for where it would need to get to.
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19 May 2019 09:53
I've inherited some records and want to buy a record player but I'm in need of a bit of help. I want to link it into a multiroom system using a sonos play5. It's a toss up between an onkyo 1050 or audio technica A-LPW40WN or something completely different? Any help is welcomed!
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19 May 2019 19:07
Looks like Sonos 5 needs a headphone jack in for turntable, so that would mean it needs an amplified pre-amp'd signal. The Audio Technica has a built-in pre-amp, so no problems. The Onkyo doesn't have pre-amp has one but they're not expensive, £15 will get you something basic that'll do the job.

Worth noting there is a very slight delay if you stream vinyl via one Sonos to others, it doesn't have a buffer like when streaming from spotify etc. I use a Connect with my decks upstairs (currently using Cambridge Audio amp & JBL C5s) to feed Sonos 1, 3, sub and soundbar downstairs. When playing on my decks upstairs, it's a pain in the arse for mixing because I can hear a kick from the sub downstairs a split second after the kick from the C5s in my room. Tbh, unlikely most people wouldn't even notice the delay. Works okay but hoping to swap the Connect & CA amp for a Sonos amp later in the year.

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19 May 2019 20:21
I'm kind of leaning towards the audio technica for that reason, just for ease. Ive read about the delay but don't think it'll be something I'll really notice with my set up. Thanks for the help mate
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posted 20 May 2019 15:59, edited 20 May 2019 15:59
anyone had any experience with a bluetooth wireless audio adapter? don't want to get rid of my pioneer speakers but fancy the wireless convenience for parties etc, though only if it keeps at least the majority of audio quality. the audioengine b1 seems to be reviewed well but £169 seems steep.

edit: As a snob I'm inclined to assume that the £26.50 Logitech Bluetooth Audio Adapter ist Scheisse but I'm eager to be proven wrong.
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20 May 2019 19:24
Look at Avantree adapters on Amazon.