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14 Nov 2012 18:56
If there is another thread for this,my apologies.

I am an audio noob, wanted to get some advice on options when buying vintage speakers,what i need to also get to link them to my tv/laptop etc, roughly how easy it is to do.

any experts on here?
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14 Nov 2012 19:03
Have you got a receiver already?
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14 Nov 2012 19:07
got nothing,starting from scratch here, in fact I have never owned a stereo Oops
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14 Nov 2012 19:13
Expect to pay big money for mint examples and expect to pay out in the future for repairs.

Personally i don't think it's worth it. These days, hifi equipment is pretty stylish anyway.

On this other hand, this http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/RARE-VINTAGE-1975-NAD-160A-55W-RECEIVER-AMPLIFIER-RETRO-HIFI-STEREO-/271100275184?pt=UK_AudioTVElectronics_HomeAudioHiFi_Amplifiers&hash;=item3f1ed5e9f0 is Ubercool
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14 Nov 2012 19:14
So in that case, look for a amp/receiver - is it mainly music you're listening to or are you looking for 5.1 home cinema stuff?

There's a million options out there, so I guess few things you need to take into account:

- how many connections and what kind of (e.g. analog/HDMI/etc) do you need?
- music or home cinema?
- budget?
- design?

If you are getting a nice pair of vintage speakers you might want to look at vintage amp, they will not have modern connections such as HDMI though, so it really depends what you want to connect to it…
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14 Nov 2012 19:15
that Nad is lovely - no idea on if it's a good deal or not, i'm not that much of an expert Smiling
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14 Nov 2012 19:33
I'm looking at dieter rams braun stuff really as I like the design and it will go with my house,my friend keeps recommending tannoy which I know are very good, but I cannot have anything massive as it will overtake the room.

really at this stage if I could hook it up easily to my laptop that would be enough,Im not bothered really about the tv as it has good enough sound anyway,

I love the LE1 from braun as the ultimate piece but they are rare as rocking horse shit there is a set up at the min and you can buy a repo of it now but thats close to 6k..

I also looked at the new b&o one thats about to come out, which I like and know would be the easiest option as it will be no work, but wanted to tray and understand what the options would be with vintage as it would look good.


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posted 14 Nov 2012 19:42, edited 14 Nov 2012 19:42
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14 Nov 2012 19:43
if you've got vinyl , the snow white's coffin ftw. just about perfect & designed to fit perfectly with the 606 shelving
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14 Nov 2012 19:49
not got any vinyl, but if I can plug in laptop and play through it as a start point I would go for it,I like the stuff I can wall mount too,really its just understanding how much of a ballache it would be using it for modern use.
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14 Nov 2012 20:03
agreed.Nearly bought an RT20 a couple of years ago but there will be no point having an analogue radio in a few years.Bloody lovely looking though.

Some vintage B&O would look great with the vitsoe set up.will be investigating myself next year
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14 Nov 2012 20:11
this is the new b&o I'm looking at as an easy fix,and I know will fit with the vitsoe etc.

the LE1 is the pinnicle but I do not think my place is really big enough for them and my pockets not quite deep enough either…
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14 Nov 2012 20:15
Get a new amp, hide / case it, then wire up speakers.

Those Braun speakers have 2 core cable, replace the 2 pin plugs with RCAs or get adapters and connect to the amp, then RCA / jack lead from laptop to amp.
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14 Nov 2012 20:22

Very solid guide to old audio kit.

Generally if it's old gear in decent nick it's a better deal than new, excluding (most) speakers and valve amps (yeah they're cool but ridic expensive, fussy about speakers and old output transformers are wank).

I tend to like Rega, Thorens (pre late 70s) for turntables and Denon for cartidges
NAD, Naim for amps, preamps
Dynaco for speakers
Marantz for CD players

If you're buying nice kit and just want to use your laptop as a source, buy yourself a DAC. If you're not mega fussed on what it sounds like, don't spend a bunch of money on all the other kit.

Re quest, had a go with them Rogers BBC monitors and they're top kit.
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17 Nov 2012 11:36

vintage b&o is very nice, I wish there was such a service available that you could get someone to compile a set up to your needs,my major issue is I don't know what bits I need to get it all to work, I want it to be stand alone not linked in to tv etc,just so I can link up to ipod/laptop to play digi radio and spotify etc, the easy option is new but I just feel like I am missing out on something when visually older stuff just looks so much better
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17 Nov 2012 12:02
had a look at the naim uniti 2?

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17 Nov 2012 12:22

Best quality:

Ipad / mac -> anything with air play (say applke tv2) -> arcam dac -> amp of choice -> speakers, this also allows playing stuff on your tv from your itunes etc and sound out of the speakers

this allows youto have a show amp if you like (say tube or something)

easy method:

ipad / mac -> airplay compatiable amp -> speakers

all you need is the amp


choose one either for out of sight or in sight if you like the design

pm me I can help with this.
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25 Nov 2012 09:04
Anyone got a Sonos set up ? any good ? http://www.sonos.com/system
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11 Dec 2012 19:27
ended up with this braun system,now just need to hook it up and get a case built to house it on the wall
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11 Dec 2012 20:16
got a sonos play 3 + bridge last week. fantastic system, works seamlessly.