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5 Mar 2012 00:20
DuffMan wrote: retard

Wow, to think im the one being called young. Grow up man
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5 Mar 2012 00:26
Got any other £300 things you'll sell me and then send unrecorded?
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5 Mar 2012 00:44
Laughing out loud

Astro - might be best to call it a day. even as a young en i've made some right ebay postage fuck ups, but always posting recorded is just standard. In the same vein as not getting high on your own supply - its obvious
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5 Mar 2012 04:14
Remove Kate posters in Shoreditch *fail* Tuesday all night Ronsonol bender, mission to A+E standard. Free IV fluids/ECG/wank blankets Wednesday. Thursday self discharge to walk in GUM clinic, bollock inspection with happy ending. Q for Thursday drop of Kate posters dutty.
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5 Mar 2012 08:32
Never prev bought train season tickets as often not in office 5 days a week.

Now, if i know i will be in 5 days i get a weekly season ticket.

If i do this 30 times in a year as opposed to buying dailys saving is about £210*.

* or i could just not buy another pair of boots/shoes for a year…
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5 Mar 2012 10:42
Astro_Boy wrote:
Farrell wrote: god you are fucking young aren't you

What? …In what way does me asking that question make me seem young?

No no you're right, there probably is a way of tracking untracked post. they probably video record it all
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5 Mar 2012 12:36
Saving up Tesco Clubcard vouchers to convert to Goldsmiths vouchers to purchase my Rolex.


edit - Goldsmith vouchers are worth 3x the value of clubcard vouchers (4x in the run up to xmas)
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5 Mar 2012 12:51
Not sure if they've sorted it but used to be able to buy expensive stuff like a £500 TV and get £50 of free points, then take the TV back for a refund - points were never removed. Cool

Pay for it all on a Tesco card and get even more points.

Only down side is having to shop in Tesco in the first place.

Noble Locks
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5 Mar 2012 13:15
im getting reciepts for beef space raiders when i buy a packet to save me on my yearly tax bill.
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5 Mar 2012 13:19
Laughing out loud
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5 Mar 2012 13:20
Laughing out loud
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5 Mar 2012 16:35
Laughing out loud
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5 Mar 2012 17:57
Laughing out loud