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18 Mar 2013 21:54
anybody had experience with mcm backpacks? worth the £?
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18 Mar 2013 22:25
Gizmo wrote: Lexdray? Goodhood have the backpack.
Thinking about getting one myself - anyone actually own one? Good as it looks?

Got a Lexdray Boulder on the way from Singapore, should have it by the end of the week so I'll let you know. Goodhood sold out but can get them direct from lexdray or havenshop.
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18 Mar 2013 22:26
cool. good price. I would of got one already but Carryology review put me off. Yeah let us know how you find it.
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18 Mar 2013 22:32
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18 Mar 2013 22:44
just read that and they do pick out some worrying faults.

I seen something a while back about arcteryx producing a bag or two under the veilance label but can't seem to find any details - anyone seen anything?

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18 Mar 2013 22:48
There was something about some upcoming Veilance bags on Haven's blog, but not much info.
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8 Apr 2013 16:17
any recommendations for a similar waxed tote like this:

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20 Apr 2013 09:45
What do you guys think about Manhattan Portage? Whats the quality like? Need a bag for a week in Barcelona to wear across chest to hold money passport etc. Been looking at this…

let me know what you think, much appreciated. also any alternatives? I like the wood wood x eastpak but its a bit expensive for a waist bag.
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20 Apr 2013 12:35
nice fanny pack
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20 Apr 2013 12:52
@ gizmo - you could try ally capellino or makr carry etc. although both look less workwear'ish than the one you posted.
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20 Apr 2013 20:26
Finally came around to order Lorna bag from Ignoble

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20 Apr 2013 21:40
Just don't go near boston
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20 Apr 2013 21:54
like that lorna huba
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21 Apr 2013 18:39
If anyone is interested, a kickstarter in the US called Sword and Plough use reclaimed US military surplus bags, and turn them into nice luggage.

About $200 for the "tote" and messenger, but they're much bigger, and look alright. Bit hipster-y though
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21 Apr 2013 19:25
@ elvrum thanks, have already checked their offerings out but not impressed tbh. Would love that exact bag if anyone can ID! Eye-wink
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21 Apr 2013 23:59
Gizmo, I think the bag's "Utility Tote" by LAYERXLAYER:

I used Google Reverse Image Search:
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22 Apr 2013 01:46
Just came across this site:

Damn sight cheaper than elsewhere, reviews seem favourable too.

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22 Apr 2013 10:56
Thanks ew2 Eye-wink I always get stung with customs with us stuff so might look for an alternative.
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24 May 2013 23:15
Looking for a smart black leather messenger/satchel. Looked at Cambride satchels but I don't know if they are too girly for guys. Any suggestions on brands ?
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25 May 2013 13:03
Patagonia MLC for £135 here.;_source=google&utm;_medium=shopping&utm;_campaign=UnitedKingdom

Not leather, but I quite like this leather trimmed backpack from APC here.