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5 Sep 2016 10:03
illwill wrote: Anyone seen any nice rope duffle bags around? Something like this APC effort from a bit ago.

Less substantial but
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7 Sep 2016 08:21
American Classics put a picture of some bags in stock on Facebook and one looks like that. Not sure of brand.
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posted 7 Sep 2016 17:04, edited 7 Sep 2016 17:04
Best black leather holdall in a washed leather?

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4 Dec 2016 13:28
anyone either own one of these and can give some feedback, or know somewhere in London which stocks 'em?
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5 Dec 2016 14:38
Liberty had a few Cote et Ciels in last week, not sure if they had the Riss or not though…Might be worth calling them.

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7 Dec 2016 23:51

Haven x Porter looking Cool

One for the tech ninjas
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8 Dec 2016 09:37
C-Stylez wrote:

Haven x Porter looking Cool

One for the tech ninjas

nice - remind me of Acronym bags
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16 Feb 2017 17:35
Looking for a nice Rucksack to go with Suit and tie attire, mostly be carrying books, lunch scarf, gloves Ipad etc. Anyone got any suggestions please?
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16 Feb 2017 17:49
No rucksack 'goes' with a suit and tie.
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16 Feb 2017 17:59
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16 Feb 2017 18:00
Millican gear looks very nice and might go a bit better with smarter clothes, although no rucksack really goes with a suit: