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16 Apr 2016 01:26

Paid £350 for mine and worn the shit out of it. Bargain for anyone who was after it back in the day. Fits small.
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18 Apr 2016 22:39
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posted 22 Sep 2016 10:41, edited 22 Sep 2016 10:41
[Wrong F'in thread]
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posted 26 Sep 2016 10:38, edited 26 Sep 2016 10:38

Bargain Virgils for a UK10.
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20 Nov 2016 11:28
30% today on VISVIM
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28 Dec 2016 19:44
TK Maxx Sheffield have Hardy Amies suits for £60.
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18 Feb 2017 00:37
Our Legacy 1950s burgundy in S and M, in the Maxx of all places.
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19 Jul 2017 12:19

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19 Jul 2017 20:17
Yoox pricing so unrealistic now. They love a permanent discount. They're the Oak Furniture Land of designer clothing
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27 Oct 2017 14:27
Prolly get a bit of hate as it's All Saints but their leather's are pretty good quality I reckon…

Their Jasper Leather is getting knocked out for £152 (rrp is £380 on the All Saints site - All Saints Jasper Leather) with an extra 20% off at Gloucester Quays - I've just paid all but 122 quid for one.

There's a Large and an Extra Large left in store - I'm about 20 minutes away so if any fuk'er wants a pick up I could try and get down there later this evening.

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27 Oct 2017 22:07
Looks decent.
There's an all saints sample sale on by Truman Brewery, tees £10, up to leathers for £150, also had some nice shoes and boots £40-50.
There's some nice Cote et Ciel bags in another sample sale round the corner too, big lather rucksacks for a ton and many cheaper bags too.
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28 Oct 2017 10:34
Nowt wrong with any all saints that doesnt have the branding. The linen blend tees are great even if a touch expensive.
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posted 28 Oct 2017 11:59, edited 28 Oct 2017 11:59
Agreed the non branded stuff can be quite decent, couple of their rascal shirts are decent too if you catch in the sale.
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29 Oct 2017 13:24
Same, I'm just staying away from the Ramskull line. Their leathers are actually great value when in sale. The Jasper doesn't suit me personally, but I'm sure I'll cop some other jacket soon. I also really like their shirts' top button detail.
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1 Sep 2021 16:36

Seems decent. Sunray sweat large grey free postage £50
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19 Nov 2022 12:27
Some cheap as chips Mark Mcnairy / Sanders boots here: