Random Questions: Berlin do's and dont's

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21 Feb 2014 11:25
so I am going to berlin from 10-17.03 visiting a friend and going to the bonobo concert on 15th…
anything I shouldnt miss while I am there? Dont want to go shopping and I think I know the good clubs and food places…
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24 Feb 2014 12:16
only clubs I've been to were gretchen and arena, gretchen's more of a venue but they get a bunch of cool people, already have seen dj rashad, addison groove, illum sphere, dub phizix.

saw recondite at arena, which was cool.

berlin definitely has a bit of competitive cool hipster atmosphere to it, I think the people take themselves a bit too serious here. but hey I might just be a dumb american.

I do it like here though, just turned 20 and there's a sense of freedom here that's cool. they let you do your thing here.

trying to go to berghain for kuedo on the 5th of may.
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24 Feb 2014 12:35
also the women. the women are beautiful.
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24 Feb 2014 12:35
Watergate was great.
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24 Feb 2014 12:36
Just back, went to Suicide Circus and Watergate. Went Berghain but queue was mad.

Watergate was fucking class, would definitely recommend.
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17 Mar 2014 14:51
just back too, only went to chalet on thursday which was really great and to kosmonaut both near ostkreutz… didnt got out out of the apartment once during the day! Also saw bonobo playing in columbia hall which was amazing.. Only downside was that my friend has an apartment in marzahn and it took everytime around 1 hour to get anywhere decent…
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25 May 2014 20:04
Any good shopping recommendations? Are there any good 2nd hand stores or designer sample sale type places?
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posted 25 May 2014 20:56, edited 25 May 2014 20:56
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25 May 2014 21:27
14oz, soto, firmament, burg & schild probably all worth a visit.
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26 May 2014 20:15
Add Voo and Darklands to the above.
Absolutely tons of decent 2nd hand shops, just google. Cash is a bit different though. Is proper small and only open for a short time (think it opens at 2), but worth going.
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18 Jan 2015 17:21
Gaan Berlin tomorrow. What are the current hype food places?
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30 Jan 2015 14:47
thesilenthunt wrote: also the women. the women are beautiful.

I noticed this in Cologne. Germany really has some beautiful cities with some beautiful people, the UK could learn a lot Laughing out loud
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6 Sep 2015 20:59
Going next weekend, any tips on clubs and food
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7 Sep 2015 03:27
weekend, berghain/panorama bar, tresor, watergate, the bird for good burgers or burgermeister.
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posted 7 Sep 2015 05:17, edited 7 Sep 2015 05:17
Kater Blau, Sisyphos or About Blank. More chance getting into the above though other than Berghain of course.
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7 Sep 2015 06:43
Thanks fellas, berghain has a nice line up for both days but never been one to wait for 3hrs to get in somewhere. Any other food places or bars to hit up
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7 Sep 2015 07:08
Golden Gate is class also. But hard to get in.

Try eating at Volt, supposed to be good.
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posted 7 Sep 2015 08:07, edited 7 Sep 2015 08:07
go to sisyphos, Chalet… Kosmonaut sometimes has a good line-up too!
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7 Sep 2015 08:45

Heat & Beat
The Bird
Men Men
Melbourne Canteen
Clärchens Ballhaus
Zeit für Brot (best cinnamon rolls)
19gr. (coffee)
Father Carpenter (coffee)

maybe just tell us where are you located so I'm not sending you tips that far far away from your flat
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7 Sep 2015 08:51
Thanks wembly, staying here www.cosmo-hotel.de/en/home