Random Questions: Berlin do's and dont's

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16 Dec 2019 19:58
eazypz wrote: Surprised by the Vietnamese population living in Berlin.

they came as contracted workers when we had the wall.
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16 Dec 2019 19:59
Mustafas uses chicken and definitely isn't the reformed stuff. Looks nothing like it. You sure you went to the right one?
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16 Dec 2019 21:55
^ this
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posted 17 Mar 2022 21:05, edited 17 Mar 2022 21:05
going in June for a long weekend with my mrs, plan is to get an airbnb for a long weekend, thurs to monday. £100 a night?

what are the best neighbourhoods to look to stay in??

We probably won’t be going clubbing or anything but keen to check out galleries, cafes, parks etc

cheers Cool well excited as never been before and haven’t been abroad in fucking ages because of covid
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18 Mar 2022 06:33
Would recommend being based around mitte area. Loads of nice wee cafes and bars etc in the area. Also where a lot of the independent clothing shops etc are located. Also good transport links with the u bahn and the tram system running near by.
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18 Mar 2022 08:11
Friedrichshain oder prenzlauer berg