Random Questions: Berlin do's and dont's

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20 Nov 2012 15:04
Pure techno. Def go for the experience even if your not into the music
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20 Nov 2012 18:25
Watergate on a Friday night was more of a house music vibe. Nic Fanciulli played when we went
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20 Nov 2012 18:33
beedub wrote: Is it just constant hardcore Techno (or whatever it is that 'cool' people listen to) at all hours or doe sthe music vary?

Techno has been Berlin's main music scene since the wall fell down. There's various scenes but techno rules without question…
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30 Nov 2012 10:32
Youtube Ben Klock, Marcel Detman and other Berghain residents to get a picture. Personally I like it.

Try Ben Klock - Subzero or Len Faki - BX3. And get in the right mood first otherwise it's going to be pretty repetitive…
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25 Dec 2012 23:41
Berghain is well worth experiencing, but you might have difficulty getting in. I've been to Berlin a couple of times and only succeeded in getting let in once. Googling "Clubbing Berlin – ‘Berghain’ Door Policy" and clicking the second result(ota-berlin.de) should give you all the info you need about the place, its a pretty different setup to the norm. A night there is really something, a mate who previously didn't care for this sort of thing was actually quite amazed.

Don't be put off by the word "techno", there's much more to it than you might think! WK7(aka Shed) - Higher Power, Head High - Rave, are 2 quick examples off the top of my head for the sort of stuff you could expect (got plenty more if anyone cares for it). Panorama bar is more on a house tip, if you want to get a feel for what its like I suggest checking this mix: https://soundcloud.com/gerd/gerd-dj-set-panorama-bar (immensely good vibes!!). These places are really focused on a quality music experience, forget your "lets all pose and take photos of us drinking watered down grey goose in oceania" type shit.

Also my first post, spent a couple of hours reading round this forum and decided it was worth a signup. Hope some of this is useful.

Oh yeah did I mention their bouncers are your typical horror stereotype, meet Sven
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26 Dec 2012 03:15
panorama bar is a bit more upbeat and house orientated. downstairs in berghain is pretty much a specific techno (ostgut ton). although there is more depending on the 'night'. theres sub:stance run by scuba which is a more dubstep/ post orientated night. noticed shackleton is playing some point soon and others off modernlove (stott, demdike stare etc.) have played for example.

i love the place but i wouldn't go if i wasn't into techno, although the experience is something.
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26 Dec 2012 15:05
amazing coffee, vintage cloths (mostly female) and great (vegan) food:
http://singblackbird.com/ (x neuköln)

books and magazines:
http://www.doyoureadme.de/ (x mitte)

great italian food:
http://www.berlin-fever.com/en/food/il-casolare-trattoria (kreuzberg)

austrian x bavarian food & my personal favourit:

…if you want a burger:
http://www.kreuzburger.de/ (x kreuzberg)
http://www.marienburger-berlin.de/ (x prenzlauer berg)

nice bars:

…don't see the hype around the berghain.
sure you see some things you won't forget, but these are def. things you don't need to see…sound is amazing though.
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26 Dec 2012 17:18
Close to Ankerkluase is Hotelbar. Quite nice if you can get a spot but almost always crowded. Turns into a small club sometimes. Just the other side of the bridge. Once saw a DJ with live bass and saxophone there. Pretty cool.
Also nearby is the Zum Slawinchen. Cool place with a creepy wooden doll in the corner staring at you. The place have been open for the last 40 years day and night so if you´re on a boozer you can always go there. Very cool decorations.

In Friedrichshain there's an old church where they play jazz in the basement every tuesday. It´s experimental jazz with a lot of horns but it´s very intime and berlineresque. Pay what you want in the door, sit on the floor and buy bottled beer in the corner. Theaterkappelle on Boxhagener strasse.
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26 Dec 2012 19:52
Kuchi on Savignyplatz for sushi.
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3 Feb 2013 20:35
Going this coming Thursday till Sunday. Looking for more house orientated clubs that will let 4 scot's lads in?

Where comes recommended for shopping and food also?

The Bird looks like a good shout for food from what i've read in the last 5 pages.

Any help would be appreciated folks.
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3 Feb 2013 20:50
www.henne-berlin.de is a must… all they serve is chicken & bread but it's ridiculous

watergate is housey & will let you in if you know who's playing and dont turn up too pissed

aboutblank is another decent club with a nice outside area might be a bit cold at this time of year though
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13 May 2013 16:25
best hotel to stay in for 3 to 4 nights…
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13 May 2013 16:32
No budget?

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13 May 2013 17:16
anything a bit more modern, looks like true old school lux'
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13 May 2013 17:30
stayed in the Hampton by Hilton for 4 nights last summer. Room was very nice, staff very helpful and breakfast surprisingly good. Good price too.
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13 May 2013 17:30
It's a five star hotel with all the bells and whistles.

The Grand Hyatt then.
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13 May 2013 17:33
Cheap and cheerful and clean all you need.
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13 May 2013 17:42
smith wrote: No budget?

Did the adlon for a few weeks. Easily the best hotel in Berlin Cool

You can a room for about £140/night if you book with the AMEX travel portal
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13 May 2013 18:51
thelann wrote: stayed in the Hampton by Hilton for 4 nights last summer. Room was very nice, staff very helpful and breakfast surprisingly good. Good price too.

Stayed here for a week 2 weeks ago and can recommend. thelann sums it up perfectly.
Just ask for a room away from the train tracks. We were on the 6th floor facing the road and could not hear a think.
If you stay in this area go to a thai restaurant called Nu - fantastic food.
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13 May 2013 19:21
I know this thread is often about clubing, but 3 things I did that I loved were :

1) Norman Foster dome on the Reichstag. We queue for just under a hour for tickets, but I think you can book on-line.

2) 14 oz. The shop on Neue Schönhauser Str is good, but the shop on Kurfürstendamm is fantastic.

3) Potsdam. 25 minutes train from Berlin (zone C), but Sanssouci Park is well worth it.