Random Questions: Best galleries and e-shops for prints

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6 Aug 2016 13:24
Some genuinely helpful answers though - thanks for those
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6 Aug 2016 14:52
EssexBoyII wrote: Plus buying a decent print from a 'big name' will hold its value better than a New Rolex will.

yeah tbf you are basically guaranteed to make money on buying art. near impossible to lose money on it
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6 Aug 2016 20:05
Better returns than Easyjet shares tbf
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6 Aug 2016 22:37

For Urban/street art type artwork -http://banksyforum.proboards.com/ is very good.

Lots of very knowledgable members that can help with any questions you might have too
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posted 7 Aug 2016 09:10, edited 7 Aug 2016 09:10
Big gains via the purchase of street/urban art prints are rarely possible these days
If you have 5k to spend then research artists and go for either a commission or a small original or hand finished edition
Banksy forum is a good start also pow and American galleries like papermonster
I would also approach and keep an eye on artists websites direct
Guys like faile and invader will release small originals from time to time and if you can be in the right place at the right time you could secure something that will appreciate
If buying for investment spend a bit more and try and secure a banksy which will likely keep increasing (even unsigned - wouldnt reccomend though for other street/ Graf artists just Banksy)
Countereditions is also great for British artists and more high brow stuff
Their current Rio 2016 commissions feature Howard Hodgkin , shrigley and Sam taylor-whatshername and stuff they release is sometimes a good investment
In terms of solid artists there are loads , Bridget Riley, dave shrigley, plenty of British artists
In terms of street art difficult to predict currently , stik pieces have done well recently
If you buy what you like to look at then you can't lose as ultimately it's just bits of paper and canvas that make your room look prettier
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7 Aug 2016 23:20
Not sure how much you've looked in to this already but if you're just beginning I would recommend holding off until you decide what style of art really resonates with you. May seem obvious, but like with most things it's easy to fly in at the beginning and drop a lot of cash on things that you will later look back and wonder what you were thinking. Obviously tastes evolve and change but worth at least starting off on the right path.

As mentioned in the post above, the Banksy forum is a great resource for info (contrary to the name most urban artists are discussed on there). It's a great place to find out when artists are releasing new work, and if you can buy direct on the primary market you'll save yourself a lot of dough.

As others have said, if you can try and buy originals over prints - better potential long term returns if you ever wish to sell and there's something more special having something unique on your wall that the artist has directly been involved with.

If buying prints don't forget to take framing prices in to consideration. If you're buying something decent the you'll want it to be conservation framed using museum glass, which will end up costing hundreds per print.

If it is urban art that you're after I would recommend the following:

Banksy - will only get unsigned prints with a budget up to 5k (make sure they've got COA from Pest Control) - you'd be able to get a Flags, Golf Sale, Morons, Toxic Mary, Napalm, Monkey Queen, Jack & Jill

Pejac - just had a highly successful show in Shoreditch and tipped to be the next big thing in the scene. Originals will be out of scope but you can get his last 3 print releases for circa 500 to 1200 each.

Paco Pomet - my personal favourite artist, enjoying success after being featured at Banksy's Dismaland last year and currently exhibiting with Murakami. You can pick up a 80x60cm original for circa 4K.

If you're still based in Essex i would recommend paying The Picture Frame Gallery in Gidea Park a visit. They're one of the best framers in the game and now have a decent gallery space and a good stock of prints at any given time. The owner, Mark, is a good guy and will help you out.

Word of warning, collecting art can be seriously addictive, but on the plus side it's definitely cured me of spending ridiculous amounts of money on clothes that I never wear.

Apologies for the long post, feel free to give me a shout via PM if you need any advice
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8 Aug 2016 07:49
Good post Cool
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8 Aug 2016 08:22
Crackajack wrote: Good post Cool

This forum is pretty good too http://urbanartassociation.com/ (apologies if it's been posted already)
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8 Aug 2016 12:31
No money to be made these days,
Now you are lucky to get back what you paid

PS nice 4000% return on these so far

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8 Aug 2016 12:49
Nice Nola's Homer.

Whilst I agree that since Banksy stopped releasing prints to the general public at the end of 2010 a lot of the mega potential returns have now gone, there's been 4 or 5 releases this year alone that have gone up in value by 400%+ immediately if you were lucky enough to buy at source.

A couple notable other examples are the Stik Baby release last September that was £500 upon release and now changes hands for £5k+, the recent Damian Hirst Mickey & Minney glitter set that is worth circa £10k more than the drop price and the Eelus NEISBAW Lenticular that was being sold for up to 2.5k more than its £950 release price a day later.

As somebody mentioned earlier on in this thread, ultimately if you just buy what you like you can't lose - if it goes up in value and you want to trade up for something better, great, if not you've still got something that you like to look at on the wall everyday.
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8 Aug 2016 13:35
I bought the lenticular the other week, prices dropped loads

Stik prices are crazy now
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posted 8 Aug 2016 17:30, edited 8 Aug 2016 17:30
I like the DH Wonder Of You lenticulars but wouldn't expect them to hold their value too well.

Don't really like anything Banksy does really. The only thing that I ever appreciated was the images he painted on the wall between Israel and Palestine was it?

And thanks a lot for that Huxley - appreciate the effort
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8 Aug 2016 17:33
Would love it if Undercover released prints as that would be the kind of thing I'd be after. Looking through the Rizzoli book the other day and some of the immagery would much such Cool artwork
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8 Aug 2016 18:13
Kaws' prints have been going up and up of late - I can never quite justify the initial outlay though. If you're into more illustrative work, James Jean's work has been appreciating nicely and he has a steady stream of prints out. I just invested in some Chuck Close - pretty affordable at the moment, but he's not been in the best of health for a long time, and once he dies i'm pretty sure prices will spike
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9 Aug 2016 11:59
What wall fixings do you lot use for hanging framed prints in plasterboard? I've got a couple I need to put up but am a little nervous with the bairn running around.
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9 Aug 2016 13:04
I just use the hammer in picture hooks, get the ones with two or 3 pins. I usually use 2.
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13 Nov 2019 09:40
Absolutely clueless about this subject but my roommate just moved out and now I have a set of empty walls. Any fuk'ers want to list their favourites?
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13 Nov 2019 09:42
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13 Nov 2019 09:54
Think all the arket might've gone to your head
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13 Nov 2019 10:49
Swede - Laughing out loud Laughing out loud

What kind of art are you into?

If you can give us a little steer on your taste, the recommendations will be better