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10 Nov 2011 10:25
Worst: Somehow managed to step in a load of dog shit on my journey into work today Evil

Worster: Didn't realise until I'd walked it all the way through my work's reception area and half way up the stairs. The whole of the lower ground floor fucking reeks and we've got important clients visiting shortly. I've had to roll up and throw away two massive entrance mats and also bin my shoes. My boss is fucking pissed off and I can't get the smell out of my fucking nose.

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10 Nov 2011 10:28
Laughing out loud
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10 Nov 2011 10:33
Laughing out loud
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10 Nov 2011 10:33
Laughing out loud

Not done that since I was about 14

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10 Nov 2011 10:38
Laughing out loud I did that the other day and had to bin my shoes.
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10 Nov 2011 10:59
Laughing out loud
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10 Nov 2011 12:50
Laughing out loud

Worst - dropped my car keys down the drain and didn't have time to try and fish them out as was running late for work so just grabbed the spare Sad
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10 Nov 2011 17:27
Cry Cry

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11 Nov 2011 01:01
That looks like a job for the denim doctor, repaired my PS very nicely last week.

Best: NYC is class, again.
Worst: Also stepped in a big shite today
Worster: Before the shite stepping, went for a shit of my own this morning and the toilet overflowed when I flushed it. Turns out my sister had cleaned out her apartment shortly before I arrived and flushed a load of kitchen roll down there. Had to soak up all the minging water on the floor, wait for the water level to drop in the toilet and then get my hands in about it and transport the jobbies to the other toilet for flushing. A fucking minging start to a holiday Sick!
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11 Nov 2011 01:33
had my jeans back from the denim doc for 2 days Laughing out loud

also your story is fucking nasty bro
Jake Unkutt
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11 Nov 2011 09:02
Djing tonight at Casio Kids live show,, Cool

i'm on at 3:40am and I have work at 9am next day Sad
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11 Nov 2011 18:21
Great shit stories (no oxymoron)
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11 Nov 2011 18:37
best: going to a gig tonight with a bird from work who I pulled (old school meaning) at a work do last week.
worst: missing the ireland match with my mates.
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11 Nov 2011 18:42
Is that the one? Or the one who didn't text back for ages? Fill me in (no homo).

What gig? You going out afterwards by any chance? Laughing out loud
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11 Nov 2011 18:45
no and no and no

dalston, will txt if so. I'm hoping it's with a few of her mates, she was going anyway and had a spare ticket.
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11 Nov 2011 20:02
Worst: Been unemployed for 3 weeks since getting back from NZ and I've never been so bored. Would probably take anything I could get atm just so so bored.
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11 Nov 2011 22:28
worst: lost hearing in my right ear. Three days now. Will have to go to a doctor at this rate
Jake Unkutt
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11 Nov 2011 23:19
If you have a mental headache or your ear really hurts if you put your little finger a little in it's infected/sinus infection..just need a few days on antibiotics
if no pain, then prob just too much earwax and you need to have it syringed (flushed out)..never had it done but should be instant and painless?

Im not a doctor though,,but either way, they will sort you out,,go see one!
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12 Nov 2011 07:44
worst: i check mr cartoons blog and twitter everyday, at least twice as his assistant told me he will be touring in december in nyc, the one night i go out and get rat arsed and dont check is the night they decide to put out the invitations…. fucking screwing. am first reserve but no cunt is gunna pull out now Sad Sad Evil
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12 Nov 2011 10:49
Worst: Sky gone off. No engineer till Monday
Best: Won't have to watch xfactor this week