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2 Jul 2009 20:36
Oasisunit wrote:
unCouth wrote: Very sorry to hear that Jason. My condolences.

Terrible news that Jason.

Best : Interview went well

Worst : Have a proper feeling i'm not going to get the job.
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2 Jul 2009 22:57
Firstly, sorry to hear that Jase, thoughts are with you.

Best: I arrived in Boston, didn't get raped at customs and I'm set up in my apartment. I'm here for three months and am looking forward to the summer ahead.

Worst: I'm on my own, and I well fancy going out for a meal and a few beers - but can't bring myself to do it on my own. Am I a weirdo or not? I'll end up going out for food at some stage, just feels a bit odd.
Noble Locks
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2 Jul 2009 22:58
nah mate, thats normal not weird..your gonna have to meet up with a mucker before you can relax doing that shizzle.
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2 Jul 2009 23:03
nah, fuck it, go out and do it. more likely to meet people if you're out and about.
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2 Jul 2009 23:06
Would be weirder if you stayed in imo
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2 Jul 2009 23:07
If I ever have to go and get something to eat by myself, it's in, paper on the table, eat, pay, leave, sharpish, without speaking to anyone but the waiter/waitress.

Can't do going out solo.
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2 Jul 2009 23:10
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2 Jul 2009 23:10
Nice one smith, just gonna stay in and bash one out after a bit of text sex with a man pretending to be a girl.
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2 Jul 2009 23:11
MoB wrote: Would be weirder if you stayed in imo

100% imo….BUT all people are diferent. Some people are more content with their own company, others aren't
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2 Jul 2009 23:13
no-one said stay in, just said its not weird to feel unrelaxed going out for dinner and on a date all on your own and your the other person in the date…but there again, you lot on here go to four day festivals on your own. so maybe im the one in the wrong.
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2 Jul 2009 23:13
Appreciate it's weird at first but eating on your own is easier in US than here.
If you feel awkward just take a book/magazine.
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2 Jul 2009 23:18
Pretend to be a food critic.
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2 Jul 2009 23:27
Won't be on your tod for that long. Boston has about 500 colleges doesn't it? Such a nice city. Americans are far friendlier and far more curious than Brits I've found anyway. Take a book, get some munch and enjoy yourself.
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2 Jul 2009 23:39
Best: Earning alright money, saving a bit so I can see a bit of the planet and just get away.

Worst: I fucking hate my job, well some of the people I come into contact with and the way one feels like shit at the end of the day.

but can't really complain losing someone close is another matter.
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2 Jul 2009 23:48
sorry to hear that jason.

Worst: job is dull at the moment, can't wait to qualify in september. Dealing with too many payment dodgers and have been threatened with being reported to the regulation authorities twice this week. was also accused by one of them as trying to blackmail them.

best: day off and all day drinking session in Newcastle tomorrow
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2 Jul 2009 23:49
Mr P, your dreams have just come true Cool
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2 Jul 2009 23:55
Jason - there are no words…

even in the stupid e-world, love and respect to you.
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3 Jul 2009 09:09
sorry to hear that Jason, condolences to you and your family

best : i got my final marks- i received a 65% so a 2.1 Smiling
worst : moving home this weekend
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3 Jul 2009 09:59
best - going to the alford arms again for lunch and an all dayer in the heat. Cool
worst - got to take the cum dump and im well bored of her already. Cry
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3 Jul 2009 13:12
Brian Damage wrote:
Soultimate wrote:
rural wrote: Sorry to hear that Jason, condolences to you and your family.