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20 Jul 2015 12:59
I was yah. snapchat enables you to see the pics you are sending right? i think the difference in this is that it doesnt. So you dont spend ages re-adjusting images to makes sure they look spot on etc you point and click and thats it.

I was thinking along these lines (i.e. instant upload to shared media) I was also thinking about the picture not being viewable on your phone for a certain period of time.
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20 Jul 2015 20:45
kid unknown wrote: Best: Level par front nine from competition tees and in tough windy conditions in a club competition.
Worst: Finished +10 and 3rd place (no Dustin Johnson).

Didn't know you were a golfer kid. What do you play off?

Had a similar scenario on Saturday; 22 points front 9 then tried to play safe up 10th and put 3 wood (instead of usual driver) in the trees and got 0pts. Had 36 pts stood on 18th tee and did same again. Finished on 37pts.

Been in a rich vein of form lately, won 2 matchplay knockouts 7 & 6 and 8 & 7 in the past month
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25 Sep 2015 10:07
Worst: Moving into a flat in a brand new building today. Reversed the car loaded with boxes into the corner of the building taking out a massive chunk of brick/plaster. Oops

Best: No CCTV, don't think anyone saw me and my girlfriend had already bashed up that wing of the car. Sponged off the paint/plaster dust off the car and will blame it on a Tesco delivery driver if anyone says anything. Laughing out loud
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25 Sep 2015 13:29
^^^^^ haha filth @ blaming the delivery driver
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28 Sep 2015 18:36
No best

Worst, went out at the weekend ended up losing a Vis wallet including all my bank cards, driving licence etc and a pair of dita ramblers Cry to top it off I still feel rough
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18 Oct 2015 19:41

They were out of J's so would anyone like to swap for a T? I will also trade for Palace stickers or possibly box logo stickers
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18 Oct 2015 20:58
Or for Digimon cards, shineys only
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20 Oct 2015 19:36
Best: pleased to see that this place is still lively

Worst: looking at the last time I posted makes me feel REALLY old
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20 Oct 2015 19:37
joe151 wrote: Or for Digimon cards, shineys only

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9 Nov 2015 09:00
Best: just booked Japan over Easter

Worst: too many to mention
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10 Nov 2015 12:17
Razorlight123 wrote:
joe151 wrote: Or for Digimon cards, shineys only

Laughing out loud Laughing out loud
carl lewis
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20 Nov 2015 18:37
Best - Won a smart Samsung TV, holiday in Dec and holiday for Aug 2016 booked.

Worse - None

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20 Nov 2015 18:57
decent hustle carl, deserved Cool
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21 Nov 2015 08:43
Best: got engaged last night Smiling
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21 Nov 2015 08:58
Congrats Smiling
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21 Nov 2015 09:16
jwool wrote: Congrats Smiling
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21 Nov 2015 09:27
Well done mate, how did she propose?
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21 Nov 2015 09:30
Best: sold that fucking Stone Island Shadow jumper on trailed for a small loss on retail
Worst: just done park run and feel like an abused wet dog
Worsted: gotta waste another Sat looking for a flat
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21 Nov 2015 09:38
My house in Bristol is open all weekend for an 'art trail' which basically means a whole load of quite boring people are going to come and talk about our floor, or our fireplace etc

Best: Off out early doors to get away from it all.
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21 Nov 2015 10:21
MrPlatinum wrote: Well done mate, how did she propose?

I was going to say the same thing.

Congratulations MoB!