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posted 15 May 2019 10:33, edited 15 May 2019 10:33
krisricey wrote:
sodomgomorra wrote: Best:
Requested for, and received surgical staples instead of itchy stitches.

Loosening one staple overnight turning the bed into a Crimean war field hospital.

Wish I'd had staples in my foot after surgery. Ended up with non dissolvable stitches but everyone thought they were dissolvable ones, foot ended up pretty much absorbing them and turned into a disgusting, painful, infected mess.

That sounds spectacularly awful. Had a similar experience after ankle surgery with stitches going bad.
Hence the staples. Didn't matter in the end. Also went bad and the doctor dug through the mess and pulled them out with a pair of pliers.

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15 May 2019 10:37
krisricey wrote:
Blofeld wrote: aye but have you ever been whacked in the balls? like proper whacked.

Took a heavy punch to the nads during sparring once, pain was a close 2nd but I'd still take that over the stitch removal.

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31 May 2019 15:15
Best: Exchanged contracts today, house is big enough that I won't have to move again (unless I go full on bedouin and have 5 kids).
Worst: Have 3 weeks to completion to get a shit ton of money together so will have to sell a bunch of stuff to fund a roof over my head.

CSB etc
carl lewis
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31 May 2019 17:28
Any good bits on the low?
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1 Jun 2019 07:30
Will put it all up when I can be bothered but Got Jordan 4s and 3s in a UK 11 galore. Hit me up for first dibs
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1 Jun 2019 07:52
Sideshow Bob sized FUK'ers gonna be treated.
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posted 1 Jun 2019 08:29, edited 1 Jun 2019 08:29
Stop oppressing me sizeist.
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16 Oct 2019 15:04
Best: Handed in notice today to shit job to finally go and work for a decent creative agency
Worst: HSBC delaying mortgage release on first house with the Mrs due to her job & payslip
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16 Oct 2019 15:37
Nice to see this back!