Menswear: The Bicester Outlet Is Slightly Improved Reports GG Thread!

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9 Oct 2018 18:41
Extra 20 points 12th - 28th October
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9 Oct 2018 21:27
Sweet, signed up
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5 Dec 2018 07:51
Need to go london for a Visa tomorrow. Probably going to have a few hours spare.

Anyone been out recently and can comment on whether it’s worth the journey?
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5 Dec 2018 09:05
bicester ≠ london
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5 Dec 2018 10:52
I live in Aberdeen so an hour and half train journey is close enough.
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5 Dec 2018 11:24
I don't live too far from there but have never come away feeling anything other than disappointed and drained.

I'll usually have bought some modestly discounted yet still expensive tat to justify the journey too.

Go to the Royal Academy or Tate if you've got some time to kill in town.
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5 Dec 2018 13:41
It's certainly not great now, purely aimed at the rich Asians market but it has been great.

Vans used to be dirt cheap with fantastic staff (then they got asked to leave because the brand wasn't high class enough).

Bicester also had the single best shop I have ever visited, the RRL pop-up Jawdropping!
It was full of confused tourists asking where the gear with the horse on was and it was ridiculously cheap.
I bought a shit load of stuff there but if it opened again I would buy more Laughing out loud
Selvedge jeans for £30, tees for £10/£20, jackets for £100 etc
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5 Dec 2018 14:33
Better off checking what sample sales are on that day in LDN
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5 Dec 2018 17:25
Thanks guys I’ll give it a miss. Got about 7 hours to to kill!
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5 Dec 2018 21:30
Gucci loafers good price. Mission for me though