Menswear: The Bicester Outlet Is Slightly Improved Reports GG Thread!

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30 Aug 2011 20:32
they havent had desert boots for around 2 years now
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30 Aug 2011 20:40
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14 Oct 2011 22:17
nice sunny day so thought i'd nip down there. little did i know i'd get accidents on the way there and back… Evil

anyway - dior had loads of jeans, some good washed ones and some coated ones no real bargains though a good ones were nearer 300. hi tops 285, nice scarves and a beaut of a bag for 900.

burberry was the best i've ever seen it, tons of prorsum. copped a brit shirt for a business junket to barca next week for 39 (said 59 on ticket from 87 from 125 retail).

paul smith best i've seen it for years - some very nice peacoats, 'christmas socks' and waistcoats -few nice shoes too -haven't bought ps for years but the peacoats were excellent.

moncler - usual small selection - some quite good plaid gilets for abt 280

ralph - usual megabargains to be had. they were getting rid of a tone of stock so everything was abt £1. picked up a couple of ties and tried on some shirts but too big.

levis - shit.

aquascutum - no suits of real note, though sorely tempted by a knee length coat which fitted and looked beautiful but 315 too much on something i dont need however now having obscene thoughts abt how good it looked. no real bargains, in fact i thought it was all quite dear.

hackett - some good suits and covert coats but not epic bargains - there stuff does fit nice though.

mulberry - man bags 300, card holders 50.

marni - usual selection of odds. tried on a charcoal blazer 225

vilbrequin - usual epic selection. i am ditching board shorts for shorter shorts these days

ck - 2 for 20 on the shreddies - took a pair

place was full of the usual jap brigade who i would gladly slay without much provocation

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14 Oct 2011 22:20
This makes me sad I'm so poor
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14 Oct 2011 22:40
thanks for the update evers
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14 Oct 2011 22:48
Should be goin next week. Didnt know they opened a vans aint been for a year or so gunna have to raid that defo Laughing out loud
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14 Oct 2011 23:17
there aint no vans, yr reading the post from 2007
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24 Oct 2011 13:21
Ralph having an RRL clearout in Bicester. It's criminal.

I picked up a pair of raw selvedge straight cuts for £34…..yes, £34. I also picked up a blue cable knit sweater for £50

They've even dedicated a display wall to RRL.

Loads of shirts in all sizes. Loads of stone washed, distressed jeans (if that's your thing), rear embroided "No. 31 Western Wear" denim jacket in Small and Med (might be known as the Melrose jacket).
Too much to recall. I suspect the new Soho "Rugby RL" store was meant to be an RRL store and everything has ended up at Bicester.
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24 Oct 2011 13:27
It's real hit and miss as to whether you'll get desert boots in Clarks. If and when they do it's usually one or two pairs in each size.
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24 Oct 2011 13:29
as far as i know rrl have just taken a unit on mount street
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24 Oct 2011 13:29
(no mob)
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24 Oct 2011 16:08
Laughing out loud
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26 Oct 2011 00:06
R wrote: as far as i know rrl have just taken a unit on mount street

Thought it was opening this week?
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28 Nov 2011 08:57
Went on Saturday.

Moncler had a really decent stock of jackets ranging from £300 to £500, some were more expensive of course.

Charles Tyrwhitt is full of cheap shoes ranging from suede brogues, leather brogues, leather chukkas, suede boots, derby style shoes and they're priced from £68 to £115 but most of them are around the £78 mark. Well worth checking out but dont be suprised if the stock was limited or sold out within the next day or so.

Aquascutum had a fairly good selection of coats, they also have suede chukka boots (these: ) for £150 in that tan colour and black. They had them in stock when I went two weeks ago and they were priced at £80, not sure why they've bumped the price up but if you fancy a pair I would ask why they've increased it.

Burberry has a shitload of decent menswear at the moment, plenty of coats and gilets too.

Dior had the same stock that its had for the last four years besides the denim. They had a decent selection of jeans but they now only hang one of each model on the racking so I had no idea what the sizing stock was like. Prices were £300 per pair.

Nothing else to report really, the queue for Ralph Lauren was rediculous. 8/10 on the milf side of things, plenty of eye candy if the shopping is crap.
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3 Dec 2011 18:35
Just returned.

Ralph Lauren had the largest stock I've seen there but it was a jumble sale with lots of crap on display. Few mates queued for 40 minutes to pay.

Moncler had a great selection of jackets… for a beached whale (size 7s all the way).

Dior is always crap. Shirts look like they've been on display for three years and handled by coal miners, no nice washes of jeans, no decent discount. Avoid.

Burberry: lots of Prorsum, decent selection overall.

Aquascutum - excellent savings on jackets (£270 down to £67.50 was a recurring theme). They also had the boots mentioned in the post above for £150.

Reiss had some fantastic discounts; £60 to £18 polos amongst others.

Missoni - worth popping in merely to check out the stunning dark-haired girl working there.

Dunhill had a few nice jackets below £200.
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3 Dec 2011 18:55
tom77 wrote: Prices were £300 per pair.

What's the retail on Dior jeans these days?! Last time I went they were like £120-£150
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3 Dec 2011 19:41
^265 for raws. Washes start at 310

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10 Dec 2011 23:02
Is anyone planning on going soon?
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11 Dec 2011 22:32
anyone know if RL have leather gloves in at the moment?
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18 Dec 2011 23:50
went couple days ago. Burberry got quite a few prorsum got further sales. Copped some green wool tapered trousers for 118, well happy as i saw them about two months ago and were still 200. took the risk and waited and got last the pair in my size. Also had dark navy ones but smallest are 34 in both colours now. Also some very nice thin knits, £145 instead of like 280(outlet price)

Dior got a new shop for mens now and got loads of stock but nothing worth mentioning really.

Aquasutum, lots of suits gone in sale start from £130!! Would have bought some if I wasnt getting free suits from work soon. Some nice tweed blazers too, loads of sizes.

Hacketts, nice blazers from £170

RL, always a mess and packed so didnt really look. Always find tkmaxx cheaper anways for shirts or chinos.

Clarks had some originals, faded red desert boots for 29iirc and weavers too, but only big sizes.

Finally decided to go for the Churchs double monk straps Ive been thinking about for ages, tried on about 5 separate occasions before and typically fucking sold out in my sizes Evil Sad

Some nice blazers in Marni but still 300+

Reiss, shit as always

Tods got 30% promo on most lines

No more abingtons in Timberland. Stussys loafers were all gone too.