Menswear: The Bicester Outlet Is Slightly Improved Reports GG Thread!

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21 Dec 2012 11:34
he lives!! Ubercool
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21 Dec 2012 11:50
EVERS wrote: he lives!! Ubercool

Can relate to that too, year and a half or 2, was out of work and on the rock and roll, FUK is a big no no if you are broke.
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24 Dec 2012 16:43
generic_guy wrote: Also had loads of Rugby stuff, which I would have been interested in, if they hadn't had so much RRL.

any of the skull/other monogram chinos or shorts?
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24 Dec 2012 17:23
My friend said there was, he was there the other week. Rugby in Covent Garden has the skull chino shorts at £39, skull swimming shorts and skull chinos all reduced to 50%+ off. Shirts and polos etc all reduced too with the R logo. Picked up an oxford for £29, was tempted to buy another pair of the skull chino shorts.
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27 Jan 2013 19:14
mummy wanted to go so i went with

there was not much really, and the discounts are not great.

moncler non jacket stuff was 50% off copped a nice knit for £100
jackets were still around £500

really nice sheepskin coat in burberry for £1000, if you wanna look for a markdown

didnt step foot in rl because it was rammed

been after some cashmere bottoms, got some gucci ones for £200 reduced from £1000+ supposedly

hugo boss loads of knits for £49. Too many to browse nicely so didnt cop owt apart from a scarf(all ~£15)

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17 May 2013 20:25
How long has sandro been there? Just seen it on the list of brands? Anyone confirm if it stocks menswear?
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17 May 2013 21:04
They do stock menswear. Also, Rag & Bone have opened up there as well.
I haven't been there though.
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17 May 2013 21:18
Can any one pick me up some of the skull swim shorts 34
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17 May 2013 21:58
Any skull chinos in stock?
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17 May 2013 23:17
i haven't been to Bicester for fucking yonks
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18 May 2013 09:40
timmbo wrote: Any skull chinos in stock?
This +1

Specifically Beige with black skulls in 32x34
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18 May 2013 11:43
I went about two weeks ago and didn't see any rugby whatsoever.
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18 May 2013 12:09
closing all their uk stores
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8 Jun 2013 17:37
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8 Jun 2013 17:54
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8 Jun 2013 18:00
Sad saddening news
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17 Aug 2013 12:55
New Moncler winter shop just opened, really good, loads stock, picked up a coat this morning.
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17 Aug 2013 13:11
pics mate?
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17 Aug 2013 13:44
What were the prices like
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17 Aug 2013 14:08
decent, bout 40 % off. Just went for a navy down jacket. Shops well kitted out, boots, knits etc.