Menswear: The Bicester Outlet Is Slightly Improved Reports GG Thread!

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3 Jun 2015 16:18
edlo - don't think so, there was no dedicated section for it like previously. It doesn't really cater to the crowd as it was always dead on my visits compared to the train wreck of the rest of the store. Waste of valuable floor space for them.

Saint Laurent shoes, colourways slightly different but these lot were around £100 ish:;=1
Few different colours, tobacco, black and white

Then a few versions of the strap short boot, high boot and derby shoes for around £200/250. Mainly black and some super fruity metallic silver.

All sizes avaialble in menswear, plenty in the back when I asked.
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posted 3 Jun 2015 16:25, edited 3 Jun 2015 16:25
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3 Jun 2015 16:28
think i'm gonna go this weekend
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3 Jun 2015 19:22
What's the kenzo shop like?
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posted 6 Jun 2015 23:59, edited 6 Jun 2015 23:59
went today, pretty shit tbh. i think most of the stuff mentioned in the previous page gone already.
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16 Jun 2015 21:44
Popped in today (literally at the outlet for 25 minutes and only hit RL and Paul Smith)
RL has clearance on at the moment and a 15% voucher.
Picked up a lovely blue made in Italy super fine wool suit for £100, mainly fat sizes though.
Loads of nice sport coats fr £100.
Some RRL bits available, few jackets in M or L for £60-90, I picked up three tees, lovely plain pocket tees were £12.99 (so £11 after discount), I bought the XLs but they had faded red ones in S and M. Wasn't even a clearance, tag just said was £70 outlet £12.99. Lots of nice RL basics reduced, hoodies at £40 etc.
Paul Smith had very good reductions on shoes and quite a few suits at £280.
PS London shirts are all £40 which was good but I was in such a rush I didn't have time to try one on.
Cheap cufflinks there too with some fun designs
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16 Jun 2015 22:08
Slightly improved by the sounds of it.
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19 Jun 2015 20:06
Anyone who's been there recently been in Church's?
Do they typically stock black oxfords?

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19 Jun 2015 20:27
everyone asking if they have certain items are better just phoning up, all the store numbers are here:
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posted 27 Jun 2015 14:41, edited 27 Jun 2015 14:41
Haven't been in years as the wife hates it but she's on a Hen do so I went down this morning.

RL- only really paid attention to the RRL gear, some nice US made jeans, raw and one wash and the odd pair of quite heavily washed, all for £59.99. Tried the one wash and liked them but 36 were far too big and 34 a bit too slim all over for me. Had some nice navy heavy weight shawl neck knits for around £100 and raw type 1 truckers for about the same price. A decent heavily washed chore coat too, but I've got loads of chore coats so didn't pay much attention to them. A few sweats and some cut and sew but left empty handed. Went back later but people were queuing so sacked it off.

Clarks- good range of more fruity Originals for the smaller footed, including Horween wallabee Hi's and Desert boots, mostly in a deep olive colour but some nice burgundy ones too. Saw a pair of Desert Guards and picked up some black suede Wallabees for £44.99.

Missoni- new season Ts were nice at £80, had a couple of Hancock macs and a nice looking overcoat (size 54) plus loads of knit sweaters and the odd cardi.

Saint Laurent- looked like it was all women's so didn't even go in.

Bottega Veneta- some nice slip ons and woven Vans Era looking trainers, belts and wallets were good but still quite pricy, £290 for a woven belt and around £200 for a mid-sized bi-fold wallet. Saw some nice heavyweight trousers for £90 but they looked like they were really slim below the knee so didn't try them.

Levis- no LVC so just looked like a really full high st. store.

Loewe had a couple of Junya items, a denim jacket with leather sleeves and some women's patchwork jeans. Church's had quite a decent selection with some nice variety if that's your bag and Barbour had some good looking overnight/ weekend bags with about £100 off. Didn't check Prada as their menswear was upstairs and I had a pushchair/ lift was broken blah blah.
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8 Aug 2015 18:12
has anyone got a recent ralph lauren emailed discount code for the outlet ?

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8 Aug 2015 18:46
Mmmm. Lucky dip Cool
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posted 8 Aug 2015 18:59, edited 8 Aug 2015 18:59
generic_guy wrote:
Birdman wrote: Anyone been in Church's lately and know if they have these (or similar) and how much if so?

They definitely had something similar but stock is different for each size so a bit of a lucky dip.
OMG! Bicester! You smooth talker! Just had an orgasm!
OMGOMG! Different stock for each size! Came again! Cool Cool Cool
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8 Aug 2015 19:02
generic_guy wrote: Not sure if you just mean in general but Bicester is a premium outlet, very rarely see much RRL elsewhere and I don't think any other Levi outlet get LVC.
RL in general is in Clearance mode so plenty of bargains.
PM me your email for the 10% off RL voucher (valid until end of month), might be Ok to just post here but not sure how specific it is.
I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!! STOP IT! Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool
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8 Aug 2015 19:08
Okokok, just squirted out of my ass, please never ever mention premium outlet and 10% voucher in the same sentence again
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8 Aug 2015 19:13
pissed ?
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8 Aug 2015 19:14
Anti semite?
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8 Aug 2015 19:16
My and generic guys life choices might not be yours but I urge you to respect us, your posting on a "fashion" forum after all.. Nudge nudge.,,
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8 Aug 2015 19:20
I just want some work shirts and they do 40% codes do will be a nice saving.
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8 Aug 2015 19:21
Mmmmmm, tell me about savings Cool