Menswear: The Bicester Outlet Is Slightly Improved Reports GG Thread!

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Brian Damage
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15 Mar 2008 14:46
any xs's in the jensen gear
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15 Mar 2008 14:49
^^Fits very small, the cardigan in xs was like a crop top on me, i've got a polo in a 38, could have got a 36 which is my usual size but they are short
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15 Mar 2008 14:57
I find all Fred Perry is quite true to size.

However, the CDG polos are huge. I've got FP x CDG jumpers and jackets in XS that fit me fine, but I tried a polo in the same size and it was massive.
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21 Mar 2008 18:39
Went today so a quick report

Got there at 11 ish it was packed - got waved through to vip parking which was funny

Ralph lauren: Nothing that amazing - shirts were £40, custom fit polos £40 or 2 for £70. There were some amazing suits from the purple label beautiful details and quality - i think £350+, they also had some great very soft leathers. I was looking for some striped shorts but didn't find any. The stock was pretty shit to be honest. I bought a custom fit vintage oxford shirt in purple and white, a black and washed out red custom fit polo, some vintage slim chinos and a shirt for the mrs. The staff in there always look cool

Vans: it was terrible, everything was over priced £30 for sk8 hi's and chukkas and only a couple of pairs of bad eras - i was dissapointed

Dunhill: was very good the staff were excellent, the leather bags looked fantastic as did the scarfs, i bought a wallet which they gift wrapped for free

Reiss: had some nice jackets and knits but nothing that nice or that cheap

Clarks: had some nice originals stuff but again not that cheap - i was going to get some desert boots but they didn't have my size

Paul smith: It was dreadfull in comparission to my previous experience at bicester, suits were over priced and not that nice - no red ear gear, and everything else looked shit. The shoes were ok.

Levis: They had stacks of factory second LVC 501 xx @ £80 which seems expensive, they had some nice worn LVC's but they were still £150 and a 38 inch waist

Fred Perry: had loads of CDG stuff, jackets, vests, polos - seemed ok price wise £40 a pop or so. They also had a couple of bits by peter jensen, cardigans and polos. I bought a CDG polo in grey but its got a hole in it from the security tag so i'm taking it back

Dior: The size of the mens section is laughable, as soon as i walked in there were two oriental guys one in suede fbt's, one in the Nez Kiefers they looked very cool. They had stacks of wank washed jeans, terrible 19's and the spider webs in 21cm neither were cheap. They had a lovely pea coat which looked great on - i think it was £3/400. They also had some fetching briefs with the bee logo, and a ridiculous fur coat.

i also got some purple suede puma clydes for £20, some calvin klien pj's, and charles tyrwhitt boxers Laughing out loud
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21 Mar 2008 18:40
heading down in 2 weeks, i was hoping for some cheap vans, they had a decent selsction last time, i hope they get some new stock in Puzzled
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21 Mar 2008 18:42
i went today. i thought it was rubbish
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21 Mar 2008 18:45
Going during the week, will look at the purple label suits so cheers for the heads up on them.
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31 Mar 2008 19:16
went today, only went into dior. picked up some 21s in grey (made in italy), only £80, only had a 33 so might get them taken in a bit but exactly what i was after. also picked up a couple of t's for about 45 a pop. had a lovely hooded winter leather in stock, but was still about 1250 at 50% off.
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31 Mar 2008 19:18
also where the fuck has fred perry gone? not sure if ive turned blind but was sure it was down the end past farhi but couldnt see it.
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31 Mar 2008 20:01
Which season t's did they have R and in what sizes? Any other denim or any shirts? Ta
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31 Mar 2008 20:31
think maybe 2 seasons ago? had those really faded jeans in all sizes (think they were 19s but could be wrong) and black as well. only had plain t's with the bee on apart from them i think, and saw some plain black shirts.

bit annoying cos they only had s,m and xl and wanted an l so might get them tailored:

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31 Mar 2008 20:34
oh yeah also had white jeans and grey swimming trunks for 58.
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5 Apr 2008 21:42
Lovely leather like a long biker jacket, still over £1k though. Also a padded leather with like a puffa lining, again at least £1300.
Had these jeans with extra denim stitched all over them, didn’t bother looking too close though. Had black moleskin jeans which were nice in 31 I think, £160.
Had those green hoodies with a geometric design on (think Paolo had one?) for just under £100, S-XL.
They had the cords I got in 33 (£77), those oneshonp type jeans Jason and Rira picked up in black for £85 (36 waist, and I think a couple of smaller sizes).

Fred Perry had micro collar button down shirts in various sizes for £49, nice FP X CDG in white with bright green band on neck and orange on sleeve (or vice versa) for £40, sizes XS-L, really nice white polo with red and ble towelling fabric bands across chest, £40 XS, S and L I think. FP X CDG tracksuit tops at £50, XS upwards.
Quite tempted to get a red polo with red dots on (only showed in certain lights), looked great and liked the fit but wasn’t sure if red suited me and no-one with me to ask.
No tartan shirts. Loads of stuff in 36 or xs though for you little fukers.

Mulberry had very small leather man bags for £130 (sort of wallet, ipod, phone and fags size).

Polo had nice shorts for around £30-40. Tried on some lovely fucked looking chinos but didn’t buy them on principle. There wasa sign above them saying £34.99, but they said £44.99 on the label, although some said £34.99. I checked with someone and she went off, came back and said she’d asked the manager and they were £34.99 if you bought 2 or more. This was clearly a fucking lie (Other stuff was cheaper if yo bought 2, but it said that on the sign),not her fault but the manager clearly just couldn’t be arsed. So I thought I couldn’t be fcked to pay £45 when they wold blatantly be £35 when they could be arsed to change the details (fat boy size anyway, they’ll prob still be there next time I go).
Vans and Nicole Fahri didn’t have much really.

Got that North Face Goretex paclite, £107, they also had a similar all black Goretex for £84, and a similar one to mine but just hyvent for £57.
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5 Apr 2008 21:49
Oh yeah, Dior had that mini waistcoat cummerbund thingy for £60 Smiling
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5 Apr 2008 21:49
anys tees in XL GG
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5 Apr 2008 21:52
Didn't really check the tees to be honest.
El Bongo
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5 Apr 2008 22:04
generic_guy wrote: Dior
Lovely leather like a long biker jacket, still over £1k though. Also a padded leather with like a puffa lining, again at least £1300.
Did you catch what size it was GG?
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5 Apr 2008 22:06
I think it was a 50, but I wouldn't swear to it.
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6 Apr 2008 17:02
Anyone check on the Tod's shop?
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6 Apr 2008 18:40
Went the other day for the first time and thought it was crap. Probably because i was looking for a suit and nowhere had anything that fit me.

Ended up just getting a couple of FP polos.