Menswear: The Bicester Outlet Is Slightly Improved Reports GG Thread!

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7 Apr 2008 00:20
If someone is going anytime soon and wouldn't mind doing a pick up on one of the FPxCDG green/orange polos in a med,give me a shout. Cheers.
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10 Apr 2008 15:35
El Bongo wrote:
generic_guy wrote: Dior
Lovely leather like a long biker jacket, still over £1k though. Also a padded leather with like a puffa lining, again at least £1300.
Did you catch what size it was GG?

got a 48 and 50 in the hooded one, tried it on its so nice.
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30 Apr 2008 03:15
Anyone know if they have any of those wings tees left in Dior?
Noble Locks
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30 Apr 2008 07:56
gg or anyone whos going to bicester soon could i possibly get a hook up on the ralph fucked up chinos in a true 34 waist…that would be class.
they will add to my ralph revisit. Cool
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17 May 2008 17:00
anyone been lately? much decent?

Thinking about going next week, is it easy enough to get there by train?
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17 May 2008 17:41
depends - theres a chiltern railways line that goes straight through bicester, from london marylebone to birmingham moor street. shouldnt cost more than a tenner return from anywhere along there (might be more, got a young persons so not sure about proper prices). shuttle service runs regularly from the station to bicester village, pound each way.

gonna go there in a week or so, check out the FP store and pick up some sequinned neon swimming pants from versace for the summer.
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17 May 2008 17:44
Think I'm gonna go in early June, wanna check out Tod's and see if there's any nice bright driving shoes. Eye-wink
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26 May 2008 17:33
Are there any cdg x fred perry polo shirts in bicester?

Im off there this weekend so want to pick up a few of them first off.
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26 May 2008 18:47
Is Bicester Village any good these days?
I haven't been there since Summer 2004. I'd imagine its gone a bit poo these days?
It always was a boutique shopping outlet, but it sounds like its less of a boutique discount shopping outlet.

Sequinned neon trunks? Eek
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20 Jun 2008 11:35
anything decent in at the moment?
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21 Jun 2008 23:00
If anyone is going soon could they pm me or post here what 21s Dior have in stock (30" waist).

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22 Jun 2008 15:32
Went earlier. Dior had the MII 19cm flipmode bought for £81. Most sizes from 29 up. Don't think the fading is as obvious as in the picture and I don't think I actually look that top heavy in the flesh. Must be the camera angle!

These in the 21cm for £62. Again, most sizes:

Some white 21cm for £53 in size 31 up (I think…definitely no 30s anyway) and some black patchwork sort of jeans too but they looked horrible so I didn't really look at them.

Nice jacket for about £500 in size 50. I'm not doing it any favours but I wasn't ever gonna buy it so only took a quick pic

Nothing of much interest anywhere else. I've never been before so don't know what's normal but Fred Perry was proper shit. Everything was larger sizes and the CDG x Fred Perry stuff was horrible. Clarks was like TK Maxx in a half price sale. Horrible and nothing nice in there at all apart from some brown suede loake boots. I got a nice short sleeved micro check red/white gingham shirt from Ralph Lauren in their custom fit (I think I remember somebody on here saying that's their more fitted cut). £35. Took a pic but it just looks pink in the picture!
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22 Jun 2008 15:35
did they have the dior boots i posted in random fashion mate?
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22 Jun 2008 15:37
Anyone going back who could do a pick-up on those jeans for £62? Look like winners for £60.
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22 Jun 2008 15:45
ben o wrote: did they have the dior boots i posted in random fashion mate?

Think so Ben but wasn't paying that much attention. I cropped that pic of me wearing the jacket and they were just out of shot. Think it's these!

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22 Jun 2008 15:45
can someone pick up some white ones in 31s for me?
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22 Jun 2008 16:14
might go down now myself….if two or more ppl want me to pick up something and are willing donate a small amount of money(£5 each?) towards my petrol money Oops (80miles away…cost me over £20 there and back) then i will go Laughing out loud

if more ppl want pickup the cheaper the donation, as long i get about 10er its Cool , let me know before 4.30 cos it takes me at least an hour to get there
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22 Jun 2008 16:15
What are the chances other 21s will get in stock anytime soon? Tempted by the £60 because of the price but I'm not sure if it's tk maxx syndrome.
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22 Jun 2008 16:20
cant go wrong with 60 tbh Eye-wink

where the fuck is jack Evil
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22 Jun 2008 16:28
In your PM's.