Menswear: blatant design rip offs

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26 Jun 2013 18:57

Gucci biting Acronym..?

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26 Jun 2013 19:59
I know it's not exactly Gucci's thing, but you can't really 'bite' a technical waterproof. They're all standard jackets, they're just adapting to a trend. Which is what fashion (mainstream) is.
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2 Jul 2013 15:49
Edifice and Gitman, what is up with this???
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2 Jul 2013 15:52
They just bought the same fabric ?
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2 Jul 2013 15:57
same with edifice and a couple of our legacy shirts or a kind of guise reversible jacket and some OL splash shirt Laughing out loud
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2 Jul 2013 16:00
Yeah I realize that, and I obviously don't know if they bought it not knowing the other did as well. I just think it's kind of ridicoulus to make a shirt in the exact same fabric when it's such a special/recognisable pattern.
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2 Jul 2013 16:20
top two are shirts from the current dries season and the bottom shirt is from the current cos season.

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2 Jul 2013 16:26
Happens quite often this.
Joe Bloggs
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2 Jul 2013 16:27
that edifice and gitman one they wouldnt have had any idea they were copying each other.
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5 Jul 2013 18:11
errolson from acrnm called this out. crazy.

C-Stylez wrote:
Gucci biting Acronym..?

(via Highsnobiety)
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5 Jul 2013 18:16
One made by Hickorees last season

One made by Levi's Made & Crafted this season

Not so much a design rip off as pattern rip off
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5 Jul 2013 18:19
Pattern rip off Laughing out loud fuck off
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5 Jul 2013 18:27
Laughing out loud
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5 Jul 2013 18:36
I used to know the name of the big fabric supplier that makes most of the patterned material used. They make 1000's of miles of material every year and push certain patterns during different seasons. It's not a big surprise that different companies use the same pattern and material when so much exists.
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5 Jul 2013 18:48
@ Byte Agreed, except for the fact that Hickorees claimed it was a vintage Japanese Selvedge fabric!
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27 Jul 2013 17:47
[already posted] soz
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17 Aug 2013 15:39
from the new zara lookbook.. speaks for itself really

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17 Aug 2013 15:48
does it?
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17 Aug 2013 15:53
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17 Aug 2013 16:40
even the styling is the same Puzzled