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19 Jul 2008 13:50
Any fashion/street style blogs/photo albums etc in here.. Always interesting to have a browse through when you're bored. Add away Smiling

Face Hunter
The Sartorialist
Hel Looks
Stil In Berlin
Manchester Looks
Savvy London
London Street Style
The Style Scout
Dam Style
Athens Wears
Austin Style Watch
Fad Tony
Picturing Fashion
Appeal To The Eye
Brgn Stil
Para Vocês Que Arrasam
Urban Style
Budapest Style
Copenhagen Street Style
Dublin Streets
Dusseldorf Streetstyle
Lisboa Closet
HOY Fashion
Manila Style
Cool People
2 Live Looks
Plastic Choko
Look At Me
Melbourne Runway
Style Clicker
Altamira NYC
Super Fantastic Picture Time
Oslo Stil
Easy Fashion
Made On Street
The Clothes Project
Stockholm Street Style
You Catwalk Stockholm
Just Glitter Lust
The Street Walker
Style From Tokyo
The Commodified
Warsaw Streets
Hooks 'n' Pegs
The Cobra Snake
Last Nights Party
Ghetto Goodness
FUK Blog
Look Book
Breach Of Style
Japanese Streets
Format Mag
Refinery 29
Street Peeper
Fashion 156
Nineteen Point One
Le Look
Denim Demon Jeans
This Is Naive
All The People I Like Are Those That Are Dead
The Arab Parrot
Tres Bien Blog
Bespoke Boutique Blog
Purple Invasion
Click Clash
Buck Style
Hideout Store
Knight Cat

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19 Jul 2008 14:10

Breach Of Style
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19 Jul 2008 14:31
Quality post Ph!l
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19 Jul 2008 15:15
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19 Jul 2008 21:30

has more links on the side bar.
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19 Jul 2008 22:17

couple more, apologies if you posted them already Phil.
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19 Jul 2008 22:50
that lad on breechofstyle dresses really well.
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19 Jul 2008 23:18
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19 Jul 2008 23:27
hcp wrote: that lad on breechofstyle dresses really well.

his Acne leather jacket is well nice
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22 Aug 2008 20:07
The Ghost That Never Lies
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22 Aug 2008 20:11
fan wrote:

The Puffy Shirt
Episode Number: 66
Season Num: 5
First Aired: Thursday September 23, 1993
Prod Code: 503

Elaine arranges for Jerry to appear on The Today Show to promote a charity benefit. However, when out to dinner with Kramer and his new "low talker" girlfriend, a misunderstanding has Jerry agreeing to wear a ridculous, pirate-style puffy shirt on TV.
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25 Aug 2008 01:46
Hector wrote:
hcp wrote: that lad on breechofstyle dresses really well.

his Acne leather jacket is well nice

Yeah he's got some class stuff. Great shirts. That jacket is the business.
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25 Aug 2008 10:28
Yeah he's got great style but not so sure about the haircut…

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25 Aug 2008 13:37
If anyone is still bored after checking out that hot list, feel free to hop on over to, it's me and my BFF's relatively new blog. Feel free to rate and slate also xoxo
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26 Sep 2008 01:19

kinda boring but a quick and good "read" for your post-trad internet cred
Paolo G
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13 Oct 2008 15:20
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13 Oct 2008 15:30
They gave denim to deer/reindeer/elk hunters/farmers to see what the denim would look like after a while.
PS good thread Cool
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13 Oct 2008 17:34
Brilliant. For fans of blood stains on denim…Rira?
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16 Oct 2008 13:54
Laughing out loud

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16 Oct 2008 14:01
(no Keagan)