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30 Aug 2013 18:11
Thats the one, thank you. Cool
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2 Sep 2013 16:50
Started a Tumblr, baby steps
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2 Sep 2013 17:05
billybrown wrote: Been on fuk too long, read that initially as "come on son, last winter"
they sell these breakfast bar things in the tescos i go to on my lunch, called "nakd"

i read it as nankid every time
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2 Sep 2013 17:11
same I see them everywhere and always think of this place.
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8 Dec 2013 13:31
Wondered, what blogs are some of you guys looking at?

Fuk favourite LuxuryExcellence goes without saying.
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5 Jan 2014 14:37
I want to start a music blog where I can post up some of my mixes that are hosted on Soundcloud along with some artwork and tracklistings etc.

Pretty new to this. What host/software should I be using? Wordpress?

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5 Jan 2014 14:44
Either that or just a tumblr. You should be able to embed anything you want in that.
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5 Jan 2014 14:53
Tumblr would be the easiest option to get you going
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5 Jan 2014 15:08
+1 on Tumblr - piece of piss
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21 Mar 2014 18:10
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21 Mar 2014 18:55
Had a few good laugh going through that Shocked
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posted 21 Mar 2014 18:59, edited 21 Mar 2014 18:59
Mrtyn from here could be on that
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21 Mar 2014 19:01
Laughing out loud great blog

made me think of this, dunno if it's been posted
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21 Mar 2014 22:23

Laughing out loud
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10 Apr 2014 09:28
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8 Oct 2014 09:34
We've just relaunched this if anyone feels like having a read.
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posted 27 Aug 2015 09:44, edited 27 Aug 2015 09:44
^ Cool

does anyone know good blogs/tumblr to follow for set design stuff like this? quite abstract stuff etc.

morning mist
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27 Aug 2015 10:12
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3 Sep 2015 14:48
^ perfect cheers man
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21 Mar 2016 21:53
just started a menswear blog as of a few weeks ago for a bit of fun and to actually write something I'm interested in that isn't final year university work. Trying to cover a range of topics, but mainly streetwear and high fashion. Been annoying sorting it all the hosting and shit but luckily andymakesglasses helped me out Cool

At the moment it's only me and a few other people, but if anyone would be interested in writing some stuff then please let me know. Can literally be on anything that you want/are interested in regarding fashion. Appreciate most people are busy but if anyone wants to get involved for a laugh or to kill some time then please pm me Smiling

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