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Noble Locks
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8 Apr 2010 11:31
wtaps is actually so japanese its untrue, much more so than bape, vis etc.
its as if they google translate for their slogans (maybe thats why its so popular)
nine was the same, and neighborhood is similar in its pigeon englishness, but not as bad.
the brand reminds me of the benny hill character its so naive in his attempts at being an english label.
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8 Apr 2010 11:31

Do they actually get together and discuss what to hype? the supreme photo tee is much much better than just sticking a famous lyric on a tee. Fucking shit, it's like superdry…

except it's 70 euro Jawdropping!
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8 Apr 2010 11:50
Agreed, 98% of post black flag wtaps is garbage.