Menswear: Brands /Labels That Were Popular But Just Dissapeared?

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14 Sep 2017 08:56
phelen wrote:
MLI wrote: Did Recon come back a couple of years back? Gone again?

Don't think so, they just folded. Also forgot Nort and Project Dragon though they're sort of all related to one another in different degrees.

Yeah Project Dragon was a little earlier than Recon I think. Loved my tees from them I used to get at Central Station records and Supply in Sydney.

Nice video, thanks for posting.
carl lewis
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15 Sep 2017 08:14
YLAup wrote: Had to check, but I was wondering where Burberry had gone. Alas it's still there, but let's face it, surely no one buys stuff from them anymore. It's never discussed on here.

Remember them having a Prorsum resurgence in 2008 to about 2011 but not seen anything other than accessories stores since.
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21 Apr 2018 19:50
Saw in the paper today that AA is coming back online only for now and not made in the USA unless you pay extra,
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22 Apr 2018 07:23
They didn't renew leases on the California plant, so I don't think there will be a return to the Supreme quality tubular construction they were known for. Looks like there's just a very small 'capsule' USA collection online.
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posted 22 Apr 2018 08:51, edited 22 Apr 2018 08:51
Gutted man, hammer t shirt were class for the money Cry
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22 Apr 2018 15:43
But Dov Charney started up his new Los Angeles Apparel company so I assume the quality is there if you want the authentic clothing made in LA.
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3 May 2018 12:37
does anyone even buy apc any more
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3 May 2018 12:47
haven't in years. the quality isn't even there anymore imo. hardly justifies the price
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3 May 2018 14:50
willesdengreen wrote: does anyone even buy apc any more
MoB and TCB
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posted 3 May 2018 16:55, edited 3 May 2018 16:55
Guilty Oops petit new standards have been my go to pair of jeans for years. Saying that, the material they use for the pockets is a fucking joke.
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3 May 2018 17:39
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3 May 2018 17:50
APC, outside of the denim, was more about a boxy 70's/80' vibe, especially the women's side, but then when tech became popular, it didn't know what to do, so made a few bombers and formal shirts and occasionally printed the logo on a sweat.

I've still got a few nice early things by them.
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3 May 2018 17:53
Gant rugger. Pretty much gone hasn't it? Hardly anything on the website and believe all the actual stores have closed. Saying that, the mainline Gant, outside of the branded stuff, has come up in my estimation. Tailoring, both winter and summer fabrics are excellent.
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4 May 2018 18:31
What the fuck just what the fuck
The models, the prices, what is it all about anymore ?
Does their quality justify jacket pricing of £300-£500 as the norm? Or £250 a shirt?
Genuine questions
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4 May 2018 18:33
TCB wrote: Guilty Oops
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4 May 2018 18:44
Fuzzyduck121 wrote: OL
What the fuck just what the fuck
The models, the prices, what is it all about anymore ?
Does their quality justify jacket pricing of £300-£500 as the norm? Or £250 a shirt?
Genuine questions

IMO no.

Seasonal stuff is just a load of wild and edgy shite.

Classics like sweats, silk shirts, etc are great but prices are getting ridic now. Pretty much always available on sale, though, so worth it then.
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5 May 2018 01:27
Still buy apc. Like what they are doing currently. Guess it's not for everyone anymore. Our legacy is getting stupid. Almost feel as if they are doing it an ironic sense just to see how far they push the consumer
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posted 5 May 2018 06:18, edited 5 May 2018 06:18
i'd like to add acne studios to that list…
2 years ago, i thought that i will never buy sth. from another brand again and today i feel ashamed just lookin' at the new collections…the new cut of that bla konst bullshit is just wrong, their shoes are maybe the worst in the game?, cheapish prints/details, oversized just for the sake of it and not to create wearable new aesthetics with a twist (…like they used to), etc…Anyone on here still feels their stuff? Maybe i'm wrong and it sells great?

I think our legacy created their own thing. It's not for me anymore, but i can feel their direction and clearly see the idea and aesthetic. Same goes for apc, which is pretty much what it used to be, right? Still like them.
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5 May 2018 09:01
Agree with all of the above.

What the ol/acne fans now wearing since they’ve generally lost it (apart from the odd item)? Just simple arket/cos etc?

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5 May 2018 10:08
If anything OL taught me to look beyond brands and more towards construction, where it's made, what it's made from. Came across a relatively cheap shirt by Jean.Machine the other day, made in portugal, light yellow. Could be from a Splash OL season minus the tag.