Menswear: Brands /Labels That Were Popular But Just Dissapeared?

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carl lewis
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5 May 2018 14:18
Acne Studio aimed at hipsters now. Still got a nice jacket from them
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5 May 2018 16:15
Used to buy loads of OL shirts etc
Agree staples in the sale still good and also for me it got me into fabrics in a way other brands never did
Their linens and cord fabrics etc and Portuguese flannel was a game changer but other brands now way better value including Japanese manufacturers
Still can’t find shirts with any better fabrics and silhouettes than OL and Gitman so any reccomends are welcome
Norse fabrics are good but the cut doesn’t work for me
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5 May 2018 18:43
OL 1950s shirt in the sales are spot on, wouldn’t pay over £100 but the quality fit and fabric are very good.
Only their shirts are good though, rest is ridiculous.
Never bought any acne as just way too overpriced.
Used to wear APC denim but upgraded to orslow. You just have to pick the best things from brands
Denim - orslow
Shirts - OL in the sale
Tshirt - Velva Sheen
Hoody/sweats for me 3sixteen
Those are my go to for basics
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5 May 2018 20:24
OL prices are knocking on Margaret Howells door these days. A Kind Of Guise, Ami Alexandre Mattiusi and Edition MR arguably better than OL too now and get all of them on sale just as easy.

Theres a couple funky Italian brands like Caruso, Massimo Piombo, The Gigi but they are harder to get. Might even go as far as to say brand like Drake's could sit in a wardrobe alongside OL as far as shirts and that
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5 May 2018 20:49
Drakes shirts are a staple for me. Two fits in a lot of styles and great quality. Oxford cloth button down for life.
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6 May 2018 10:47
I used to see Drake's as a bit of a pompous London wanker brand but the last couple of years with their new ready to wear stuff they've won me over
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6 May 2018 12:16
They are (despite not being an old company) but there is zero branding so I don't care. Love their 60s anglo-ivy league style.

Some of their prices are extortionate though, jackets and trousers costing more than made to measure… Or huge markup on items made by pretty standard suppliers with their label sewn in.
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6 May 2018 14:29
OL isnt dead yet but the new prices might kill it off. It was already a purely buy at sale time brand so the price hike only cements that fact for even more people. Still find its good stuff in the main but only at 40%+ off.
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8 May 2018 09:37
while we're on the subject of brands that seem very expensive for what they offer / does anyone actually buy it - what about OAMC?

Never seen the appeal personally
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8 May 2018 10:56
they had a period a few years ago when they were making really good stuff - upmarket streetwear with a bit of tech materials, which is the ideal, dunno what happened.
Joe Bloggs
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8 May 2018 11:11
Didnt the guy who started it go to Marni or Jil Sander or somewhere?
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8 May 2018 11:56
^ luke meier. Still does oamc and does jil sander with his wife.

Personally still love it, cant justify the prices however.
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8 May 2018 12:26
willesdengreen wrote: does anyone even buy apc any more
APC is still good for the things they've always been good for. Denim, Macs etc. Slightly biased because I live round the corner from their surplus store though
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2 Oct 2018 19:41
Damir Doma
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2 Oct 2018 20:49
I still like Our Legacy. The carryovers make up such a large part of the collection that I don’t think the few weird bits they bring out really detract from the general quality too much. Still innovative with fabrics especially as has been mentioned. As for prices, the majority of mid and high end fashion suffers from that and it’s driven largely by sale shopping so I don’t begrudge it really
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posted 2 Oct 2018 21:51, edited 2 Oct 2018 21:51
ct wrote: What the ol/acne fans now wearing since they’ve generally lost it (apart from the odd item)? Just simple arket/cos etc?

haven't bought any acne in a couple of years now. they don't really do much for me anymore

I still buy bits and pieces of OL in sale - albeit much less than I used to.. I feel like I am still getting a lot of wear from gear I bought 2-3 years ago so don't feel I need to buy much new stuff

I do wear a lot of arket now. also buy some tres bien bits here and there but the quality of their gear is really variable (mostly shite)
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2 Oct 2018 21:52
wish I could afford AKOG stuff full price. always sells out before sale and the £ is so weak compared with the euro now it is basically unattainable Cry
kid unknown
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3 Oct 2018 07:32
Dirk bikkembergs mainline
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posted 3 Oct 2018 08:05, edited 3 Oct 2018 08:05
Boom! denim

carl lewis
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17 Jan 2019 05:50
Not gone, but going.