Random Questions: broadband recommendations.

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14 Jan 2021 14:29
Rirawin wrote: When it comes to fibre broadband it's much of a muchness, and even if it's FTTP (as with Hyperoptic), they all run on Openreach's infrastructure. Virgin being the exception as they have their own, hence the need to dig up your front garden for installation of their services. The only difference between service providers on the frontend is the customer service, billing, etc. It's a bit like your gas and electric, if you change provider, they're not going to lay down another gas pipe or electric wiring for you.

If you're seeing poor performance/dropouts, first things you should check is your home hardware, where your router is located (not buried away in a cupboard), wifi signal, settings like wifi channel (there could be interference with other wireless devices) etc. One thing I would advise, if you have a laptop try plugging it in directly into the router using an ethernet cable and do a speed test (Google or speedtest.net). If you're getting a much higher speed than if you were connected via wifi, then there is definitely something wrong with the router's wifi signal or router itself. If it's still incredibly slow then it's an hardware issue on the service provider end, which they will need to resolve.

If you're receiving poor customer service and the slow speeds aren't being resolved, then most certainly vote with your feet/wallet. However, don't think that changing provider will magically up your speed if the external hardware issue on the infrastructure level (Virgin or Openreach) hasn't been resolved first. Again exception can be moving from Virgin to a provider on Openreach (BT, Sky, etc.) or vice versa - ultimately jumping to a different fibre infrastructure.

As much as BT gets grief, I've been with them for the last 3 years. I pay £35 month for 80MB Fibre and phoneline and they're pretty good at giving you a competitive deal when your yearly contract is up and you threaten to leave (hence why I pay the price I do). Mind you, probably a tad biased as I've had zero issues with BT, even when moving house and being reconnected, and only ever had to contact them when renegotiating my contract when it's lapsed.

I have had a great experience with BT too, switched to them in the office after Virgin gave us countless issues and couldn't figure out how to have 2 lines with one number even though BT have managed for years. Was transferred to a business switch team in the Philippines who had no idea what the issues were and couldn't really understand them, complained to the uk business manager as our phone lines were down, he said he would resolve it before do FA and handing back over to a team in Asia somewhere. Wasted countless hours and over 50 emails before giving up and going back to BT, they re-instated lines immediately and sent a wifi router next day with a 4g dongle which allowed us to get online instantly.

Speeds have been consistent, they're always available when you call, with UK staff and if the wifi does go down the router auto switches to the dongle to ensure you stay online! Cant fault it.