Classifieds: Burberry Prorsum Military Boots Aviator AW10 in Black Leather - Size UK 9/EU 43 - £160 Delivered!!

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31 Dec 2011 15:10
I'm not sure these are gonna shift fella. It's getting a bit like Baddie's Vis suede jacket.
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4 Jan 2012 13:40
* maybe, but try and try again! Eye-wink *
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7 Jan 2012 15:44
have you checked your inbox plz?
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5 Feb 2013 00:18
Hi Michael,

I would like to buy these boots for my brother, but I am in the U.S. I can definitely pay with Paypal, but I am not sure how this site works….

He found them and they are in his size. I am just trying to figure out how to complete this transaction. Also if you might happen to know the additional cost for shipping to the U.S., I am in postal code 94939 in California.

Email me directly at or My phone # is 415.425.2536 – You will just have to enter the country code first.

Thanks so much!
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5 Feb 2013 00:27
Hey there, if these are still available I'd like to purchase them, I've been looking for these in my size and I'm really excited at the possibility of owning these… You can email me at: Or Let me know!
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18 Mar 2013 22:09
I am interested in your boots. Still for sale?
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27 May 2013 07:33
Are your boots still for sale? Please respond.